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The Legend Returns: Mustang Shelby GT500!

Today we get a glimpse at the 2020 GT500! There isn't much we can take away from this graphic but we love seeing this huge grille opening to allow lots of cool air in. We do know it will be 700+hp as mentioned previously. ROUSH has released their new Jack Hammer which outputs 710hp using the new 2650 supercharger. We…
Jaron Cole
January 16, 2018
shelby gt500 mustang mustangfanclub new '18 2018 5.2L 2.65L supercharger supercharged 2.Mustang News

SPIED! Possible GT500 testing?

Images have been shared around of what seems to be a Shelby GT350 chassis sporting a supercharger! Many rumors have been going around recently about a possible 7.0L engine and twin turbo setup on the new GT500. We can see that this is most likely a 5.2L motor with the supercharger mounted on top of it. Knowing how the current…
Jaron Cole
April 10, 2017