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UPR Oil Catch Can ROUSH Supercharger ROUSHchargedFeatured Products

UPR Oil Catch Can for your ROUSH Supercharged Mustang

UPR Products offers a variety of components for the Ford Mustang. One of the top products they offer, for multiple vehicles, is oil catch cans. I have had one of their catch cans installed on my last three Mustangs. The fit, finish and quality of their catch cans are unmatched! I recently had a ROUSH supercharger installed on my 2019…
Jaron Cole
March 23, 2021
S550 Mustang Suspension UPR ProductsFeatured Products

GOT TRACTION? New UPR suspension packages for your S550 Mustang

S550 Mustang Suspension Packages from UPR Products UPR Products is no stranger when it comes to suspension components for the Ford Mustang. Recently they have released two new S550 Mustang suspension packages that fit 2015 - 2020 Mustangs. These packages are made for the street or strip. I personally have the adjustable toe links, vertical links, and bushing / cradle…
Jaron Cole
July 12, 2020
2015-2023 S550 MustangFeatured Products

UPR Color Matched and Blackout Emblems for your S550 Mustang

Replace your factory Mustang emblems with color-matched or blackout emblems from UPR Products Replacing your factory badges or emblems is an inexpensive way to set your Mustang apart from the rest of the pack. UPR Products has made customizing your Mustang simple and easy with emblem packages for your S550 Mustang. Their emblem packages include blackout emblems or color-matched emblems…
Jaron Cole
April 26, 2020
Featured Products

UPR Products Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank

UPR Products Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank I remember the first time I got to see under the hood of the 2015 Mustang. My eyes went straight to the OEM coolant tank that most of us in the community refer to as a "jellyfish". I'm not sure what was the whole idea behind that design but UPR Products has an aluminum…
Jaron Cole
February 3, 2020
upr products mustang oil drain plug2015-2023 S550 MustangFeatured Products

UPR Products Mustang Oil Drain Plug

Replace your factory Mustang oil drain plug with UPR's Billet Oil Drain Plug The factory plastic oil drain plug on the 2018+ Mustang GT and 2015+ Shelby GT350 are prone to breaking after a couple of oil changes. UPR Products has come up with a solution that prevents you from replacing your drain plug after your oil changes. The problem...…
Jaron Cole
December 13, 2018