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2018 Mustang Color Options

In 2018, the S550 gets a facelift! The 2018 Mustang also received two new color options, these colors are Royal Crimson and Orange Fury Metallic. Favorites like Ingot Silver, Shadow Black and Magnetic are still in the mix for available color options. We have compiled a list of all the available 2018 Mustang color options along with the paint code and images of each color. If this information has helped you in any way, please leave us a comment below.

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2018 Mustang in Shadow Black and Ruby Red were provided by Tindol Ford

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2018 Ingot Silver Mustang

Ingot Silver was first introduced on the 2015 S550 Mustang. I am personally a huge fan of Ingot Silver as my 2011 Mustang GT and 2015 Mustang GT were both this color. It’s super easy to keep clean and even when it’s dirty it still looks clean!

2018 Kona Blue Mustang

Kona Blue looks almost black at night but in the sunlight you can see that deep blue hue shine! Kona was first introduced on the S197 chassis in 2011.

2018 Lightning Blue Mustang

Finally a lighter shade of blue that isn’t Grabber Blue! Lightning Blue was first introduced to the Mustang in 2017 on the S550 before the facelift. It is carried over to the facelifted 2018 Mustang chassis.

2018 Magnetic Mustang

Magnetic Metallic replaced Sterling Grey from the S197 chassis. This color is one of our favorites because it can be paired with several different accent colors and the paint has a lot of mettalic in it.

2018 Orange Fury Mustang

This is the first year Orange Fury Metallic has been available on the Mustang. It’s not quite as vibrant as Compeition Orange. Orange Fury has some metallic flake in it that you can see in the right sunlight.

2018 Oxford White Mustang

2018 marks the 4th year Oxford White has been available on the Ford Mustang. Oxford replaced Performance White back in 2014. I have never been a huge fan of the white color options on the S550 Mustang because my eye always goes to the front or rear bumper. For some reason, the plastic bumpers and metal fenders don’t match perfectly and it drives my OCD insane.

2018 Race Red Mustang

Race Red pretty much sums up what it’s like in person, loud and ready to race!

2018 Royal Crimson Mustang

Another new color offered on the 2018 Mustang is Royal Crimson. This is the darkest red we have seen offered on the Mustang recently. This color was only produced in 2018.

2018 Ruby Red Mustang

Unlike Race Red, Ruby Red is the more subtle red color option. Ruby Red also has some metallic flake in it to give it a little extra pop!

2018 Shadow Black Mustang

Shadow Black is still an available color option. This is one of the more popular color options on the S550 Mustang.

2018 Triple Yellow Mustang

Triple Yellow first made it’s debut in 2015 and is still available on 2018 Mustangs as one of the more vibrant color options.

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