2022 Shelby GT500 Color Options – Sneek Peek!

Today a photo of what looks to be the back end of a Ford ordering system has surfaced on social media showing off the 2022 Shelby GT500 color options! If you haven’t seen last years color options, you can find them HERE.

The 2022 GT500 color options are as follows based on the photo.

  • Atlas Blue (B3)
  • Carbonized Gray (M7)
  • Code Orange (CN)
  • Cyber Orange Metallic (SB)
  • Dark Matter Gray (HY)
  • Eruption Green (FA)
  • Grabber Blue (AE)
  • Iconic Silver (JS)
  • Oil Slick Blue-Purple (P2)
  • Oxford White (YZ)
  • Race Red (PQ)
  • Rapid Red Metallic (D4)
  • Shadow Black (G1)

**This information has just been uncovered, we will update with the most accurate color options and images as we find them.

Eruption Green Paint Sample

Images provided by SSR Collision.

Oil Slick Blue-Purple Paint Sample

2022 GT500 Dark Matter Gray Paint Sample

Code Orange Paint Sample

When I first saw this color online, my initial thought was it would be very similar to Competition Orange. The person that made these paint samples says it looks very Race Red’ish in person.

Grabber Blue Paint Sample

This isn’t the Grabber Blue that we remember on the early S550. The color sample below shows some metallic flake which is similar to the Grabber Blue that is offered on the current Mach-E. If you remember Nitrous Blue on the Focus RS, I think this is very similar.

Rapid Red Metallic, Oxford White, Shadow Black, Race Red and Carbonized Gray are carrying over from 2021 GT500 color options to 2022 GT500 color options. Eruption Green, Code Orange, Grabber Blue, Atlas Blue, Dark Matter Gray, Oil Slick Blue and Cyber Orange Metallic are new exterior color options for ’22 Shelby GT500.

Grabber Blue is making an appearance on the Shelby GT500. The last time it was available was back in 2017. Code Orange seems to be pretty similar to Competition Orange. Oil Slick Blue-Purple is very interesting, could it be something similar to Mystichrome that was available on the SVT Cobra?

Cyber Orange Metallic made its debut on the Mustang Mach E GT and now it’s available on GT500 as well. Another noteworthy color is Eruption Green. It’s not as dark as Dark Highland Green that was available on the Bullitt but looks slightly darker than Electric Green that was available on the 99-04 New Edge Mustangs.

Discontinued Shelby GT500 Color Options

  • Ford Performance Blue (2020-2021)
  • Velocity Blue (2020-2021)
  • Grabber Yellow (2021 only)
  • Magnetic (2020 only)
  • Grabber Lime (2020 only)
  • Twister Orange (2020-2021)
  • Kona Blue (2020 only)
  • Antimatter Blue (2021 only)

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