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2018 ROUSH JackHammer Orange Fury Metallic2015-2023 S550 MustangMustang News

First 2018 ROUSH JackHammer produced

What is the ROUSH JackHammer Mustang? For 2018, ROUSH Performance will only produce 200 special edition Mustangs called the JackHammer. The ROUSH JackHammer Mustang is a "to be supercharged" Mustang coming straight out of the ROUSH facility in Livonia, MI. JackHammer gets a boost in horsepower this year. The new ROUSH TVS 2650 supercharger produces a staggering 710 horsepower! All…
Jaron Cole
June 16, 2018
2019 mustang shelby gt500Mustang News

The Legend Returns: Mustang Shelby GT500!

Today we get a glimpse at the 2020 GT500! There isn't much we can take away from this graphic but we love seeing this huge grille opening to allow lots of cool air in. We do know it will be 700+hp as mentioned previously. ROUSH has released their new Jack Hammer which outputs 710hp using the new 2650 supercharger. We…
Jaron Cole
January 16, 2018
2018 shelby 1000 5.2l whipple superchargerMustang News

Shelby 1000 has a 5.2L Supercharged V8!

The Shelby 1000 is back! The package begins with the replacement of the stock 5.0L V8 and replaces it with a 5.2L Whipple supercharged engine. The new replacement engine comes with all forged internals, a traditional 90-degree crank, modified GT350 cylinder heads and a 4.5L Whipple supercharger mounted on top. Some additional modifications to support the extra ponies stuffed under…
Jaron Cole
November 2, 2017
grabber green widebody roush performance 7292015-2023 S550 MustangMustang News

ROUSH 729 Widebody Mustang

ROUSH 729: Custom Widebody ROUSH Mustang in Grabber Green ROUSH Performance has a long heritage of engineering some of the best technologies when it comes to performance on the street and track. The 729 is finished in a Ford commemorative color called Grabber Green. Only 95 Boss 429s were painted this color back in 1970. The ROUSH 729 features ROUSH’s…
Jaron Cole
October 31, 2017
mustang ROUSH stage 3Mustang News

The last ’17 ROUSH Mustang…

The last 2017 ROUSH Mustang is a supercharged Stage 3 Today, October 25th, 2017, marks the day the last '17 ROUSH Mustang will roll across their assembly line in Plymouth, Michigan. The last Mustang was optioned very nicely. It started out as a Magnetic Metallic, Mustang GT Convertible. It was outfitted with ROUSH's Stage 3 Package which includes their 670hp…
Jaron Cole
October 25, 2017