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After 17 years, the 2021 Mach 1 makes a return

The 2021 Mach 1 has already made its rounds on social media along with every Mustang enthusiast asserting their opinion on it. Well, now it’s time for our opinion! Once we heard there wasn’t a hood scoop going to be making an appearance we knew the community would have something to say about it. Ford claims the Mach 1 will be the most track-capable 5.0L Mustang ever. Cranking out 480HP thanks to Ford Performance parts from the Shelby GT350 and GT500. Let’s dive in and give you everything you need to know about the new 2021 Mach 1.

Images: @Ford

2021 Mach 1 Appearance

Since the original ’69 Mach 1 didn’t debut during our lifetime, we will reference the 2003 – 2004 Mach 1. What made the appearance unique? The striping, matte black accents, Shaker Hood (we will cover this further into the article), aggressive front fascia components and honeycomb grille.

From the looks of the new Mach 1, they’ve hit almost every styling cue successfully. After seeing the leaked spy photos of the Mach, we weren’t convinced that it was a good look. But after seeing the official photos, we think this is a worthy successor of the Mach 1 name.

2021 Mach 1 Styling Features include:

  • 2-piece upper grille w/ faux fog lamps
  • Hood decal resembles “shark nose” hood on the original Mach 1
  • Mach 1 fender and rear decklid badging
  • Honeycomb design front grilles
  • Lower diffuser from the Shelby GT500
  • Satin Black side and hood stripes with reflective accent stripes (Red, White or Orange)
  • Low-Gloss Magnetic front grille pony badge
  • Low-Gloss Magnetic rear spoiler
  • Low-Gloss Magnetic mirror caps

2021 Mach 1 Performance

When the Mach 1 first debuted in 1969, it set 295 speed and endurance records in its first model year at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Since then, Mach 1 has always stood for performance! Performance is still intertwined in the 2021 Mach 1 DNA. Ford is claiming this will be the most track-capable 5.0L Mustang ever.

Underneath the hood is a specially calibrated 5.0L V8 that is projected to produced 480HP / 420TQ. The additional horsepower was added by using revised parts from the Shelby GT350 such as the intake manifold, oil filter adapter, oil coolers and a TREMEC 3160 6-speed transmission is standard.

An optional Handling Package is available and Mach 1’s equipped with this package are only available with the TREMEC 3160 6-speed manual transmission. The Handling Package includes:

  • Unique front splitter (22% more downforce than Mustang GT PP, 150% improvement w/ Handling Package splitter)
  • Two side heat exchangers tucked behind the lower front bumper openings. One is an engine oil cooler and the other is transmission oil cooler
  • Front-wheel fender moldings
  • Low-Gloss Magnetic “swing” spoiler w/ gurney flap
  • Rear tire spats from the Shelby GT500
  • Rear-axle cooling system
  • New underbelly pan to improve airflow under the front of the car
  • Stiffer steering I-shaft
  • New EPAS calibration
  • Stiffer sway bars and front spring rates
  • Brake booster borrowed from the Mustang GT PP2
  • Rear subframe with stiffer bushings
  • Rear toe links borrowed from the Shelby GT500

2021 Mustang Mach 1 Wheels & Tires

The 19×9.5 and 19×10 Tarnished Dark aluminum wheels are standard on the 2021 Mach 1. They resemble the classic Magnum 500 wheels that were very popular back in the late 60’s. If you didn’t have a set of Mags on your Mustang, you were just doing it wrong! Mach 1 will come equipped with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. Tire sizes are 255/40/19 (front) and 275/40/19 (rear)

If you opt for the more track-oriented Handling Package, you will receive a set of 19×10.5 and 19×11, Dark Tarnished, multi-spoke wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Tire sizes are 305/35/19 (front) and 315/30/19 (rear)

Handling Package Wheels

Standard Mach 1 Wheels

2021 Mach 1 interior

We haven’t received much information regarding the interior from the official photos and press releases. From what we can see and have read the interior looks like the GT aside from some Mach 1 nomenclature on the dash plaque and door sill plates. Other interior features include:

  • Dark Spindrift instrument panel with aluminum accents.
  • Horizontal “pleats” in leather seats along with an accent stripe
  • 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster
  • White cue ball shift knob
  • Engraved badging that displays the vehicles unique chassis number

2021 Mach 1 Exterior Colors

We were hoping Azure Blue would make a come back on the new Mach 1 but we had no luck. As of now, there are 8 exterior color options as stated in the press release. A Mach 1 exclusive color is the new Fighter Jet Gray.

Exterior color options include:

  • Fighter Jet Gray
  • Grabber Yellow
  • Iconic Silver
  • Race Red
  • Oxford White
  • Shadow Black
  • Twister Orange
  • Velocity Blue

There is an option called the Appearance Package that has been mentioned but no further details other than there are 3 accent color options which include: Red, White, and Orange. We can see Orange brake calipers on the Mach 1 press release images equipped with the Handling Package.

2021 Mustang GT vs. 2021 Mach 1 Comparison

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