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The Professional Fun Haver’s vision of how a Mustang should be

Vaughn Gittin Jr’s vision is brought back to life on the newly redesigned ’18 Mustang! We laid our eyes upon our first RTR Mustang during its debut at Mustang Week 2012. RTR Mustangs have always had a unique style compared to the other Mustangs out on the streets. Our favorite styling aesthetic about this new ’18 Mustang is the flow from front to rear.

If you were to look at the RTR at a side angle and look at the front splitter down to the rear diffusor, everything just flows. The added side splitters help achieve this “flow”. We have always thought that the factory S550 side skirts look good and if you added something else to them it would look awkward. Well, that thought has been laid to rest after seeing these splitters on the RTR! Back to the facts, each Mustang no matter the Spec option will include the following options:

  • RTR Graphics Package
  • RTR Design Package
  • Signature Lighting
  • Signed Dash Plaque by Vaughn Gittin Jr.

We are assuming Spec 1 will be appearance only, Spec 2 will include appearance and suspension, and Spec 3 will include all of the aforementioned options including a power adder. (assumptions based on previous years)

So what sets the RTR apart from the rest of the herd?

  • Aerodynamically styled front bumper
  • Turning vanes (integrated into front bumper)
  • Aero 7 Forged Wheels
  • RTR Upper Grille with RTR Signature Lightning & Lower Grille
  • RTR Graphics
  • RTR Heat extractors
  • RTR Rear Diffusor
  • RTR Spoiler
  • RTR Decklid Panel
  • RTR Side Splitters
  • RTR Rear Diffusor Splitters

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