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2018 Mustang Order Guide Companion!

The time is getting near for the ’18 Mustangs to roll out on dealerships! With not much information surfacing, we are enjoying all the little breadcrumbs that are slowing starting to fall out of the bag. After seeing the initial images of the ’18, we weren’t impressed. We have seen a few of the redesigns in person and it changed our perspective. Just like the S550 body style when it was released, there was initial flack about the design but they slowly grew on everyone. We feel the same will happen with the 2018 redesign. Once we see a few of these lowered with a nice set of wheels and minor mods being shared around the interwebs people will be all about them!

FINALLY, a factory carbon fiber interior option on the Mustang! With this package, we will receive a combination of carbon fiber and alcantara interior pieces. The carbon fiber pieces include a shift knob and instrument panel. We will see alcantara door inserts like the GT350’s have and alcantara also on the seat inserts. Hopefully they chose to go with a more desirable twill option like 2×2 carbon fiber.

With no horsepower numbers released for any of the new ’18 models, we are suspecting the 5.0L Coyote to be producing around 45ohp. Aside from the notable rear spoiler, the performance package options pretty much carry over from the ’15-’17 models. A new set of wheels would have been nice because the current performance package wheels are a P.I.T.A. to clean!

The EcoBoost Performance Package receives one of the new wheel styles in a black finish. Also under the hood, we will see a black strut tower brace. We are happy to see that FoMoCo is finally throwing in some black accents from the factory instead of that hideous chrome! The new spoiler will also carry over to the performance package on the EcoBoosts! New colors such as Crimson Red Metallic, Kona Blue and Orange Fury Metallic can be selected on the 5.0L Coyote and EcoBoost models. One interior option we are super excited to see is the red Recaro seats!

The EcoBoost also receives a Premium Pony Package in 2018! A front grill (similar to the 50th anniversary package), 19×8.5 inch polished wheels, black or white side stripes, a different window/door trim (looks to be chrome), tri-bar Pony badge and premium carpeted floor mats. Just like the previous 5.0L Premium models, we can only assume this package will include an upgrade sound system, leather interior and possibly a unique interior trim.

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