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Baer Brakes and your Mustang are the perfect combination

Baer, Inc is a leader in the performance brake industry that challenges the status quo by focusing on engineering design and innovative technology that delivers complete and detail-oriented solutions to our consumers.


For over 20 years Baer, Inc. has been pushing the boundaries of modern performance brake technology. Through engineering design, innovation, and an unwavering passion to bring the most complete solutions to their customers Baer Brakes has cemented it’s legacy among the great automotive aftermarket manufacturers.

Made in America

All of Baerโ€™s products feature material sourced from the USA. Their products are also machined in house and the fit and finish of their products are completed in our warehouse as well, all in Phoenix, AZ.

“When appearance meets performance”

Sprung vs. Unsprung Weight

Sprung weight includes the chassis of your vehicle and anything that is attached to it. Components such as your wheels, tires and brake assemblies are considered unsprung weight.

Have you ever been cruising down the highway in your Mustang and hit a bump in the road? The bump in the road caused your wheel to move upward toward the body of the car without causing your body to move much or at all. This is because your suspension isolates your wheels from the body. Because unsprung weight isn’t directly attached to the chassis, if you use lightweight options such as Baer’s Eradispeed Rotors, you will notice a difference in steering and handling. Something to also keep in consideration is reducing your unsprung weight can help reduce your rotating mass. Rotating mass is a a completely different subject matter. To sum it up, a reduction in rotating mass can help improve acceleration and braking, because there is less mass to move when accelerating and decelerating.

MustangFanClub S550 Rotor Upgrade!

We installed the 15″ Baer EradiSpeed+ Front Rotors and 13″ Baer EradiSpeed+ Rear Rotors on our ’15 Mustang GT Performance Package! Here you can see our stock rotors with the wheels off. We had roughly 4,000 miles on the odometer and rust had already started to build up on them. The new Baer Eradispeed+ Rotors are zinc plated so we shouldn’t have that rust issue no longer! While we were changing out the rotors we swapped out the pads for a set of carbon ceramic pads to help reduce brake dust and give us better braking performance. We have put around 20k miles on our S550 since these were installed and haven’t had any issues. The rotors have withstood many spirited trips through the curvy mountain roads, numerous road trips, daily driving and two 1/2 mile events. Follow this link, Baer EradiSpeed+ Rotors, to get more product information or order you a set for your S550!

Stock Rotor

Baer EradiSpeed+ Rotor

Stock Rotor

Baer EradiSpeed+ Rotor

Key features:

  • Direct replacement with your stock rotors and brake pads.
  • Lighter than factory rotors.
  • Direction vanes, which provide better cooling.
  • 2-piece design with 6061 – T6 aluminum hats.
  • Zinc plated.
  • Save approximately 10.5 lbs. per rotor!

See what other S550 owners have to say!

The Eradispeed rotors for my Brembo equipped S550 Mustang were an awesome choice of styling and weight reduction. It was around 15 lbs. a side lighter than stock rotors. Rotational mass weight reduction is a must for anyone trying to go faster! I have put thousands of miles on them and have no complaints! Quality product, with a great appeal!

Paul (@roush_s550)

I love my Baer EradiSpeed Rotors! They not only make my car look aggressive, but they allow me to push my car to the limits without having to doubt the brake response. They're much lighter than the stock rotors and the stopping power is 10x better. From the look, feel, and finish; I have nothing but great things to say about them! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stephanie (@rawr_5oh)

My experience with the EradiSpeed+ rotors has been fantastic. I have over 1,000 miles on them. I track and daily drive the car. I like the idea of improving the stopping power while reducing weight also. Even with stock pads I feel a great increase in braking performance. Everything has improved from the initial bite of the pad to pedal feel. I used to notice after slowing down at the track from about 140mph the stock brakes would start to feel real soft towards the end of the stop. However with the Baer rotors that issue is taken care of. Not to mention also, these rotors are not loud. Some aftermarket slotted and drilled rotors can be very noisy. This was my first Baer purchase and it will most definitely not be my last!

Ivan (@ivankorda)


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