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#TBT: Mustangs from the 50th Anniversary (Charlotte)

The Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebration was held at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway simultaneously on April 16th-20th, 2014. Events were planned each day for Mustang enthusiasts and owners to enjoy. Some notable events included the unveiling of the first production 2015 Mustang, an open road course, parade laps around the speedway, drag racing, Mustang Midway and a wide variety of vendors. Mustang owners were allowed to park inside the speedway each day for the events to show offer their pride and joy amongst other like minded Mustang fanatics! Check out our coverage we got while attending the Charlotte 50th Anniversary Celebration. Comment below with your favorite memory you have if you attended either event!

One of the first 15′ Mustangs I got to lay my eyes on was this 50th Anniversary Edition Mustang featured in Wimbledon White. Only 1964, of these Mustangs would be produced in your choice of Wimbledon White or Kona Blue. One of the most unique features that sets a 50th Anniversary edition apart from the other Mustangs is the louvered quarter window glass. It was so awesome hearing Gale Alderman speaking about the 15′ and seeing him with the Mustang. He is one of the original designers to bring the 65′ Mustang to life.

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