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Kokaine: 3.7L Turbo Mustang

Chris’ first Mustang just so happened to be this 14′ 3.7L V6. He had no intentions of turning it into what it has became today. It all began when he went to a local car meet in his stock Mustang. He saw the potential of what could be done and didn’t realize how immense the Mustang aftermarket world was. Let the modding begin! Within six months time, Chris had full bolt ons and a complete “white out” appearance complete. He told us that he went with white accents because it shows all of the details unlike black which hides most of the fine details. Chris didn’t intend on building his Cyclone to the extent he has. The 3.7 Mustang turbo kit build came out of a casual conversation he had with Justin from LPF at a car wash. From that point, the rest is history. He parted out his full bolt on mods to help put that money towards the turbo build. Continue reading below for some more information on this unique build!

Images provided to us by: and @hafastphoto

Simple and clean has always been the key to our hearts at Mustang Fan Club. Chris has hit the nail on the head! At a glance, Kokaine looks like it has just a few minor appearance mods. Once you peek beneath the surface, you find that almost every inch of this Mustang has been customized. The touches of carbon fiber tie everything together. The open grille shows off the intercooler and plumbing for the turbo. #BraceFace

Speaking of turbos, Chris added a single 67mm comp turbo kit from LPF. He mentioned that he has put over 33,000 miles on this turbo since the installation. The day after the kit was installed at LPF in Texas, he drove it down to LateModelRestoration‘s open house for their car show with no issues! Check the guys out at LPF (Limitless Performance and Fabrication) for any of your induction needs!

For wheels, Chris chose a set of Gloss Graphite Vossen VFS-5‘s. #TeamVossen! Previously he was on a set of bigs and skinny’s for all of those late nights in Mexico he attended while the car was on full kill mode. Turned all the way up on 16psi, the car made around 620whp! Having all this power requires a little more stopping power right? His choice of brakes were a set of Aerospace Component brakes. Looking at this car from every angle there is just so much to take in. We love how the cowl hood and GT500 spoiler flow so well looking at the car from a side angle.

Pshhh psshhhhh! That’s the sound of the AccuAir suspension airing out. With twin ViAir 400c compressors, his tank will fill up quickly. The addition of hard lines from CVT designs adds a unique touch to the entire setup.

Interior modifications such as this don’t happen too often in the Mustang community. The choice of suede and white contrast diamond stitching really tie everything together for us. The TMI Sport R high back seats maintain a stock-ish seat style but provides a different look without having to go with a full blown racing seat. JCKustomz also added some custom suede/diamond stitched door inserts, seat inserts and upper steering wheel.

So what’s next for Kokaine? We have been told that a built motor, transmission and fuel pump upgrade is next up on the list. His goal is to have the motor running perfectly on high boost settings. Seeing how this Mustang is driven daily, it had to be turned down for efficiency because the stock fuel pump is holding him back currently. While speaking with Chris about his inspiration for his build, he mentioned Dillon Shand. Dillon started out in the Mustang community with a 3.7L as well. He caught a lot of flack about modding a V6 but his was done very tastefully and gained some respect among the community. No matter the engine, color, stock or modded, we appreciate all Mustangs and strive to bring the Mustang community together as a whole. Remember, it’s not just a car, it’s a lifestyle! #MustangFanClub

Instagram: @Kokaine3.7!


Modifications List


•Limitless Performance and Fabrication Single Turbo Kit

• 67mm Comp Turbo w/ White Powder Coating

•Painted to match Radiator & Strut Covers

•Custom Led Engine Bay Lighting

•Moroso Aluminum Coolant Tank

•One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft from Driveshaft Shop

•3.73 gears  


•Magna Flow Competition Series Exhaust


•Vossen VFS5 Front (20×9.5) Rear (20×10.5)

•Nitto G2 Tires Front 255/35/20 Rear 285/30/20


•Gt500 Front end Conversion

•Anderson Composites Carbon fiber Gt500 Upper Grill

•Anderson Composites Carbon fiber Gt500 Low Grill

•Shelby Super Snake Carbon fiber Splitter

•Roush Side Splitters

•3″ Harwood Cowl Hood

•Painted to match Mirror Covers

•GT500 Spoiler

•MMD Tail Light Trim

•Painted to match Decklid


•Accuair Air Suspension

•Accuair Switch Speed

•Twin Viair 400c Compressors

•Polished 5 Gallon Tank

•Custom Air Suspension Mount & Hardlines by CVT Designs

•Front and Rear Aerospace Component Brakes w/ Drilled and Slotted Rotors and Fully Polished Calipers


•JCKustomz Black Suede w/ White Double Diamond Stitching Front/Rear Seats and Door Panels

•TMI Sport R Highbacks Seats w/ White Contrast Stitching

•JCKustomz Black Suede Upper Steering wheel

•Custom LED Trunk Lighting

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