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What is the ROUSH JackHammer Mustang?

For 2018, ROUSH Performance will only produce 200 special edition Mustangs called the JackHammer. The ROUSH JackHammer Mustang is a “to be supercharged” Mustang coming straight out of the ROUSH facility in Livonia, MI. JackHammer gets a boost in horsepower this year. The new ROUSH TVS 2650 supercharger produces a staggering 710 horsepower! All superchargers will be installed at the dealership you wish to take delivery at. JackHammers can be ordered with the MT-82 6-speed transmission or the new A10 automatic transmission.

What sets the JackHammer apart from the rest of the ROUSH lineup?

JackHammers have many unique appearance features that set them apart from the ROUSH Stage 1 and Stage 2 Mustangs. Let’s start with ROUSH hockey stripe. This stripe is only placed on supercharged ROUSH Mustangs. Accent stripes available on the hockey stick graphic include: Matte Black Jack, Sin City Silver, Performance Pearl, and Red Blooded America. Although this JackHammer doesn’t leave the ROUSH facility with a supercharger installed, it still wears the hockey stripe.

ROUSH is in it for the long haul!

ROUSH Performance creates road cars with race car aesthetics and performance in mind. Each ROUSH vehicle is engineered and rigorously tested to meet today’s quality standards. Having all of this power stuffed under the hood may raise some concerns about warranty issues, am I right? Don’t worry, our guys at ROUSH have you covered! They will back up your JackHammer Mustang with an industry leading 5-year / 60,000 mile limited powertrain warranty.

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2018 ROUSH JackHammer Serial Number 001

Our good friends at Tindol ROUSH Performance in Gastonia, NC. told us that they had a few JackHammers coming to their dealership. We stopped by a couple weeks ago to lay our eyes on them because we have only seen images on social media. Little did we know, they had serial number #001 already sold and on the dealer lot!

We wanted to borrow the keys to a JackHammer the day we visited to capture some images for this article you are reading now. Being told that the #001 JackHammer would be ready in a few days, we decided to hold off so we could share the very first JackHammer produced with you all! Let us tell you more about this JackHammer and how it’s optioned.

JackHammer Package Includes:
ROUSH Powertrain Components
Prepped for 710hp ROUSHCharged TVS 2650 Supercharger Package
- Underhood prep work includes engine machining and low temperature radiator system
- Extreme-Duty "TrakPak" Half Shafts upgrade to the rear IRS suspension
ROUSH Chassis Components
- 20" Black Jack Wheels w/ Ultra High Performance Continental Tires
- Performance 1-way Coil Over Suspension with Adjustable Height
- "JH" Strut Tower Brace
ROUSH Body Components
- High Flow Upper Grille with "JH" Badge
- High Flow Lower Opening
- Front Chin Spoiler with wheel shrouds
- Aero Corner Pockets
- Hood Heat Extractors
- "ROUSH" Fender Badges
- ROUSH JackHammer Graphic Package (2-Piece, Matte Black, Hockey Stick graphic)
- Body Colored Side Scoop (Body Color)
- Body Colored Rear Decklid Spoiler (Gloss Black Option Available)
- Rear Blackout Panel with "ROUSH" Badging
- Hood Strut Lift Assist
- "JackHammer" Serialized Engine Bay Plaque
- "ROUSH" License Plate Frame
ROUSH Interior Components
- ROUSH Interior Medallion on dash featuring the "JackHammer" package name and serialization
- "ROUSH" Design Instrument Gauge Cluster
- "ROUSH" Embroidered Floor Mats
- "ROUSH" Illuminated Door Sill Plates
- ROUSH Supplement Owner's Guide
Total: $11,860.00

The heart of the beast

Say goodbye to the TVS 2300 supercharger that has been used on the S197 and S550 platform. The new TVS 2650 supercharger produces a ground pounding 710hp! This puts the JackHammer down in history as the fastest ROUSH Mustangs to come out of the ROUSH facility.

ROUSH Optional Equipment
Complete 710hp supercharger system installation - available for post title builds only$5,685.00
ROUSH Performance Exhaust System with quad tips (prepped for ActiveExhaust)$775.00
Top Performance Stripe (Matte Black)$475.00
Billet Performance Pedals$195.00
ROUSH Leather Seating (Black with Silver Stitching)$1,400.00
"ROUSH" Trunk Mounted Tool Kit$365.00
Locking Lug Nuts$35.00
Total: $9,930.00
Options Grand Total: $21,790.00

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