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Hidden underneath all of this camouflage lies a beast that has yet to be seen by the Mustang world. Thus far, we have only seen glimpses. Recently, some more images of surfaced solidifying some speculations that were circulating around about what engine and power adder would be in Ford’s upcoming performance vehicle. Below we see a supercharger stamped with “5.2L” and some blank spaces in which badges can be mounted. Also, massive rear brake / rotor setup as seen on the GT350. One last piece of information that has been floating around is a piece of paper titled “2020 MY North America Vehicle Programs – Engine Oil Requirements”. At the very bottom of the page, we can see that the supercharged Shelby GT500 is mentioned. If you look up WSS-M2C931-C, this is the product number for Amsoil’s 5W-50 weight oil. There is a lot of information out right now giving us clues of what the vehicle will be produced but we just don’t know when or what the name could possibly be… GT500? Cobra? SVT?

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As far as the exterior goes, there isn’t much we can see that will be specific for this new vehicle. The test mule seen riding around looks to be based off of the GT350 most likely with the cross plane 5.2L supercharged engine under the hood. One mule has been seen with a large spoiler riding around town aside from that we are still left in the dark as to what it could potentially look like.

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