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LueCreative has rendered what his vision of the Bullitt will look like!

A fellow Mustang enthusiast has spotted what seems to be a Bullitt ’18+ Mustang! These images were taken during a commercial shoot Ford was shooting in Chicago. It never ceases to amaze us how far camera phone technology has come yet we get images like these arising to the surface. If you read our previous article, Bullitt Mustang Design Boards, you can see images were placed in the background of a video shoot with the Rock. If you look at the images closely and compare them to the images below, we see a huge resemblance. Thanks to our friends at Mustang 6G for images!

We believe, without a doubt, this is the new Bullitt. Too many characteristics align to say otherwise. One of the major clues is that this is obviously a dark green paint. Bullitt’s famous color scheme is called Dark Highland Green. With Guard being discontinued in 2017, this rules that option out. Some other Bullitt like characteristics include:

  • Torq Thrust black wheels with chrome lips
  • Spoilerless decklid
  • Minimal badging

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