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Lethal Performance clutch kits for your Mustang!

Lethal Performance has its own line of performance clutches that fit a wide range of Ford Mustangs from 1996 – current model year. Today I will be talking specifically about the Lethal Performance LPXHD clutch which was recently installed in my 2019 Mustang GT. If you would like to find out more information on all of the clutch kits available from Lethal Performance, please click or tap HERE.

Lethal Performance LPXHD Twin Disc Clutch – 2018+ Mustang GT

The LPXHD Twin Disc Clutch from Lethal Performance is a direct, bolt-in, replacement clutch kit that includes a dedicated aluminum flywheel. The discs are made from kevlar material to handle up to 1,000 ft. lb torque and allow for very smooth driving from such a heavy-duty clutch. Something to also note is that the kevlar discs are easier on your transmission than ceramic discs which are typically used in drag racing applications.

I have had the Lethal Performance LPXHD Twin Disc Clutch installed on my 2019 Mustang GT for a couple of months now and love the feel of it. I drive my Mustang every day so clutch feel was an important factor when choosing the clutch that was right for me. I had previously owned a McLeod RXT in my 2011 Mustang GT and absolutely loved the way it felt.

In my 2015 Mustang GT, I had a beefy clutch that held around the same amount of torque as the LPXHD but it wasn’t forgiving at all. Its engagement point was minuscule and had a very heavy clutch pedal. The LPXHD clutch has a smooth clutch pedal feel and engagement feels very nice. My Mustang has the ROUSH Performance Phase 2 Supercharger on it which is rated at 750 horsepower and 670 ft. lb. torque. When I want to have some fun, the LPXHD Twin Disk Clutch handles the power with ease!

For more information on all the Lethal Performance Clutch Kits, please view the graphic below or visit the LINK to find what clutch option is the best fit for your Mustang!

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