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UPR Products offers a variety of components for the Ford Mustang. One of the top products they offer, for multiple vehicles, is oil catch cans. I have had one of their catch cans installed on my last three Mustangs. The fit, finish and quality of their catch cans are unmatched! I recently had a ROUSH supercharger installed on my 2019 Mustang GT so I installed the ROUSH supercharger oil catch can from UPR.

If you aren’t familiar with what an oil catch can is and why it is beneficial, I’ll give you a quick synopsis. An oil catch can captures oil blow-by and other contaminants from entering your intake system. Oil blow-by can create horsepower robbing sludge build-up that coats parts of your intake system and engine with excess oil and fuel. The UPR catch can traps these oil vapors to prevent this from happening. If you would like to learn more, please read this article.

I had UPR’s oil catch can for a naturally aspirated 5.0L installed. But the N/A catch can setup wouldn’t work with the ROUSH supercharger and coil covers. Each UPR oil catch can is manufactured from T-6 6061 Aluminum bar stock and features Continental braided hoses with OEM factory connectors.

The 4 chamber filtration technology captures and filters oil vapors/contaminants from entering your intake system. There is also an integrated billet check valve. An optional Billet Pro Series Check Valve can be added to increase vacuum through the catch can.

UPR’s Plug-N-Play connectors and fittings make installation very straightforward and should take less than an hour. This ROUSH supercharger oil catch can setup is slightly different than the other setups I have had. In the past, I ran the passenger side full-size can and a smaller driver-side can that just filtered the oil and dumped it back inside the motor. Since I have the ROUSH supercharger coil covers installed there is physically no room to place an oil catch can under it. UPR developed a bracket that allows for a full-size catch can to be mounted in the open space which you can see below.

Emptying the catch cans is a very simple process. I would recommend making it a habit to empty your catch can every oil change. Each can has a bracket that is easily removed which allows you to simply twist the bottom of the can and dispose of the oil. Twist the bottom portion on, place the catch can back on the bracket and you’re all set! If you would like to add this oil catch can setup to your ROUSHcharged Mustang, please visit the LINK to be taken to the product page on UPR’s website.

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