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Mustang Week Car Show Sponsored By Petty’s Garage

2017 marks the 16th annual Mustang Week Car Show! The car show was held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center this year instead of the Myrtle Beach Mall. There was a lot of controversy over the date and venue changes this year. Change within the Mustang community can be very brutal at times because everyone voices their opinion. Usually we overcome these changes and accept them. (Remember when the S550 designs were released?)

One of our favorite things about the new venue is the “tradeshow” type feel inside the convention center. We could escape the heat inside while checking out vendors and their showcase vehicles instead of wandering through Bass Pro or the abandoned mall like prior years. The outside parking allowed many more vehicles (around 700 tickets sold) to register for the show and gave vendors more space to showcase their products / services.

Also, there was spectator parking across the street from the venue so you could go check out even more Mustangs if you wanted. Overall, we think the new location for the car show should stay for the upcoming years! Check out some images we captured during the car show! #MW17

Meet & Greet

Mustang Week is always kicked off with their annual Meet & Greet, which is an informal gathering for everyone to check out the Mustangs we see all over social media throughout the year and finally put a face/name to the cars.  It is has been held at the Palace Theatre in the past, but this year it was at Broadway at the Beach. There was more parking available at Broadway but other vehicles were scattered across the parking lot. A few things have changed since Mustang Week 2016. The Palace Theatre has been demolished, Hard Rock Cafe was torn down and replaced by Dave and Buster’s and the car show is being held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

Check out the images we captured during the Meet & Greet!

Photo credits: Jaron Cole (@jcolephoto) & Harris Lue (@luecreative)

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