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Taillight Tuesday!

For Taillight Tuesday, we decided to go a different direction this week. We wanted to share some funny, witty and clever license plates with you all. Last night we decided to reach out to some fellow Mustang owners in the Facebook group “Anything Coyote Mustang Related” to get some content flowing. Several users shared their vanity license plates with us. Out of the many comments we received on our post, we decided to choose a few of them to share with everyone! Be sure to check out the ACMR Facebook group and share some images of your Mustang!

Finally driving it again.#ford #mustang #mustangs #chicagolandmustang #cmc

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Love how it came out #Corsa #quadtips #mustang

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That @uprproducts badge though. Why the hell is it snowing???

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Thanks for the pic @thatguyty04

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