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New color option on the '18 Mustang SPOTTED!

We found some images of the refreshed S550 Mustang sporting a new color, Royal Crimson, on a post in Mustang6G. Along with the new color, this particular Ecoboost was rockin’ the new, 19″ Ebony Black painted aluminum wheels.

Another Ecoboost was spotted! This specific one is Shadow Black with a new accent stripe we haven’t seen yet. Although we aren’t the biggest fans of this look, it accents the haunches of the new redesign well. We can’t tell if there are also accent stripes in the lower air dam on the front bumper as well. This Ecoboost doesn’t have the 4 piston brakes or spoiler like the Royal Crimson Mustang we just talked about. Maybe those options are for the Performance Package version on the new Ecoboost?

One of our favorite colors from ’17, Lightning Blue, makes the cut for the ’18 color choices! We see it on what seems to be a Performance Package optioned GT with the new spoiler and quad tip exhaust. Hopefully there will be a better wheel choice other than the multi-spoke wheel we have seen in the past. Those things are such a pain to clean!

18' Mustang Engine Bay Glimpse!

The guys over at The Fast Lane Car, caught a glimpse underneath the hood of the 18′ Mustang! Nothing looks drastically different aside from a new engine cover. The strut tower brace seems to fit pretty snug up against the cover. Also, there seems to be a new radiator cover. We still have that ugly jellyfish coolant tank though, #NTY! Power numbers still haven’t been released but we are predicting they should be in the range of 450hp.


Today, the 2018 Ford Mustang GT released at the North American International Auto Show. As the internet is all up in arms about the “refresh” like they were with the 2015 release, we wanted to look at it in detail with Ford’s official release.

  • Sleeker design: New Mustang features a more aggressive look, with new front and rear-end design that deliver a leaner and meaner look and refined aerodynamics.
  • More advanced technology: New Mustang technologies include a 12-inch all-digital instrument cluster that you can customize your way, MyMode with memory function that remembers your driving preferences for the next time you drive, and new driver-assist features such as Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection for increased confidence behind the wheel
  • Improved Performance: Powerful engine upgrades, plus an all-new available 10-speed (10R80) automatic transmission give Mustang even more performance, while available MagneRide suspension offers optimum handling; optional active valve exhaust affords complete auditory control – let the engine roar, or not.


Some of the new colors showed up in the official release photos such as Lead Foot Gray and Orange Fury! We see Kona Blue made a comeback and the classy Ingot Silver is here to stay.

New cockpit features and upgrades!

Mustang makes available Ford’s first 12-inch all-digital LCD screen in the dashboard. This all-new customizable instrument cluster can be easily personalized, offering three separate views. Customers can personalize the displays for normal, sport and track mode. All-new Mustang MyMode with memory function allows customers to save their favorite drive settings, including suspension and steering preferences. We can’t wait to test out the MyMode feature! Every time we get inside our S550 we have to hit the sport button, turn traction control off and turn on our heated/ac seats when we get inside the car. If they can make the car remember these settings every time that would make it effortless!

The new Mustang is so customizable that even its engine note can be adjusted. Delivering an audible experience like never before, an all-new active valve exhaust system is optional on Mustang GT, with a fully variable soundtrack to match the entire acceleration range.

Ford SYNC® Connect with FordPass™ is available on Mustang for the first time. When using the FordPass® app for smartphones, drivers can start, lock, unlock and locate their car for ultimate convenience.

Updates to the engine and exterior appearance!

Performance is at the core of Mustang DNA, offering drivers a unique thrill of acceleration and cornering for the ultimate fun-to-drive experience. On all models, new shock absorbers make for better ride control, a new cross-axis joint in the rear suspension leads to increased lateral stiffness, and innovative stabilizer bars bring sharper response and handling.

The “Coyote” 5.0-liter V8 engine has been thoroughly reworked. It is more powerful and revs higher than any Mustang GT before. This power increase was achieved with the first application for Mustang of Ford’s new dual-fuel, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure port fuel injection on a V8 engine – delivering robust low-end torque, high-rpm power, and improved fuel efficiency.

The manual transmission for both engine options has been upgraded for optimal torque. For the V8, the manual transmission has been totally redesigned to include a twin-disc clutch and dual-mass flywheel to increase torque capability and deliver more efficient clutch modulation.

Overall, the car’s exterior design is now more aggressive, with a lower, remodeled hood and grille that deliver a leaner look and refined aerodynamics, upper and lower front grilles, and a new position for hood vents. For the first time the entire Mustang line will feature all-LED front lights including signature lighting, low-beams, turn signals, efficient projector high-beams and available fog lamps.

The rear of the car gets revised LED tail lamps for a more technical look, plus a new bumper, fascia and available performance spoiler. Dual-tip exhaust is standard for EcoBoost® Mustang, while V8-powered Mustang GT gets a standard quad-tip exhaust.

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