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Steering Wheel Options for your S550 (2015 – 2017) Mustang

Are you wanting to add some style to the interior of your S550 Mustang? The guys over at have got you covered! The SVE X550 steering wheel offers form and function wrapped into one affordable steering wheel! We have this exact steering wheel on our S550 Mustang. It has been on the car for two weeks now so we’ve had plenty of seat time behind this wheel to give a proper opinion.

Continue reading for a break down of each steering wheel on the market for your Mustang below!

S550 Factory Steering Wheel

Let’s start with the factory steering wheel that comes with your Mustang from the factory. It is wrapped in a faux leather it seems like, has some slight hand grips on the 10 and 2 positions. I personally would prefer my 2011 steering wheel over this wheel in the S550’s.

The premium steering wheel in the S197’s seemed to be better quality leather and the wheel itself was thicker. What more can we say about the stock steering wheel other than it serves its purpose which is to help you steer!

Shelby GT350 Steering Wheel

Next up, the Shelby GT350 steering wheel! This wheel looks more aesthetically pleasing over the stock wheel. The first thing we noticed was the alcantara adorned across almost the entire wheel surface. Some subtle touches of leather have been added onto the flat bottom and center steering stripe.

The leather is a better quality than what we see on the factory steering wheel. Also, the wheel itself is a bit thicker over the factory excuse for a steering wheel. Another nice touch, is the silver accent stitching. Driving with this wheel is a pleasure. The alcantara adds some extra grip while driving and the flat bottom provides a little extra leg room.

Our only gripe about this steering wheel is that, like the Boss 302 steering wheel, the alcantara seems to wear down fairly quickly. It has a price tag around the $400-$460 mark.

Purchase here:

Shelby GT350R Steering Wheel

The Shelby GT350R Steering wheel is just like the GT350 steering wheel, aside from the red stitching, which accents the exterior badging and accent stripes on the “R” models.

Prices are floating around the $350-$400 range.

Purchase here:

SVE X550 Steering Wheel

Last but certainly not least, the SVE X550 steering wheel! With a price tag of $299, it’s the cheapest steering wheel alternative on the market right now. We were drawn to this steering wheel because of it’s unique combination of leather and alcantara. With leather being placed on the areas that will most likely receive the “most use” while driving it won’t wear like the GT350 wheels.

While it retains some of the same features as the previously mentioned steering wheels, such as the center steering stripe and flat bottom, the X550 wheel has a more aggressive appearance. We had the opportunity to test out this steering wheel on a spirited mountain cruise last weekend. The added grooves for your thumbs near the 10 and 2 positions made us feel more connected with the steering wheel and the alcantara provides excellent grip during white knuckle driving.

Any of these wheels will steer you in the right direction ;)!  Depending on your tastes and budget, each of these will provide you with a better look and feel over the factory steering wheel. We hope that this information has helped you in your decision on your next steering wheel purchase! Leave your thoughts below in the comments section.

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