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A video has surfaced of what appears to be the 2018 Mustang in the flesh! Presented in the new color “Orange Fury”. Some of the obvious updates from the 2018 refresh are:

  1. Updated Front Fascia
  2. Fog Lamp Delete – Integrated with Turn Signals
  3. Updated Head Lamp with retro “Brow” design
  4. Quad Tip Exhaust with Rear Diffusor – Hopefully transferable to 2015-2017 Premium models.
  5. Lowered Hood Line with updated Front Fenders.
  6. Updated Pedestal Spoiler.

Though we weren’t extremely excited about the new redesign when we first saw it, we took it upon ourselves to see what the car would look like lowered. After reviewing the photoshop on the right, we are hopeful that after the aftermarket companies get their hands on it, we will grow to love it. Lets not forget how everyone was up in arms about the 2015 redesign…

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Let us know what your thoughts on the new face lift in the comments below!

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