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APEX Wheels for S197 and S550 Mustang

Since 2007, APEX has engineered wheels specifically for the harsh environment of motorsport. The company is comprised of a team of grassroot auto enthusiasts, out to produce quality products at an affordable price point – because going fast shouldn’t have to mean selling a kidney.

Interaction with customers at APEX starts well before the competition – it begins during product development. Rather than sitting in a large, windowless conference room, discussing what they think would sell, APEX goes straight to the enthusiast consumer; they work with enthusiasts via forums and surveys to understand what fitments would best serve the community, then produce the wheel that best fits the solution.

APEX’s current group buy on is the APEX EC-7 wheel for the S197 and S550 community. The EC-7 is avaialable in 18″ or 19″ staggered or square setups. It is one of the very few 18” wheels that can clear the factory or aftermarket performance brake packages available on the Mustang! Click or tap HERE to check out the Group Buy to save $$$$.

Why choose APEX for your Mustang wheels?

FLOW FORMING | APEX Race Parts uses a manufacturing process called flow forming. During the manufacturing process, rollers apply high pressure to the innner barrel, compressing the aluminum into its final shape. This eliminates imperfections and aligns the grain of the metal, which creates tensile strength.  Flow formed wheels give you the strength of forged wheels without the hefty price tag.

TESTING & CERTIFICATIONS | APEX Wheels are officially tested and registered by the VIA (Japanese Vehicle Inspection Association) in Japan. Just a little back story, I didn’t know this information at the time of writing this article so I did some research on my own. I have seen the markings for JWL and VIA on other wheels but never really knew what they meant.

Japan has stricter regulations when it comes to automotive wheels than the United States. Wheels that are used on the street of Japan must comply with strict load rating and testing standards which are called JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Standard). Wheels that have the marking JWL on them, have been self-certified by the manufacturer that the wheels they produce meet or exceed the standard.

This is where the VIA (Vehicle Inspection Association) comes into play. The VIA independently tests wheels for JWL compliance. Wheels that have been tested and pass inspeciton will bear the mark VIA & JWL.

Warranty | All APEX Wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty and 1-year finish warranty. For all the warranty terms and conditions, click or tap HERE

50% OFF REPLACEMENT WHEELS | If you happen to curb or seriously damage your APEX wheels, you’re covered under the APEX360° program. They offer replacment wheels at 50% off the standard price of a wheel! Check out all the details HERE

Four finishes are available on the APEX EC-7 Wheels: Race Silver, Anthracite, Satin Black and Matte Bronze

Group buy on APEX EC-7 wheels for S197 and S550 Mustang.

The APEX EC-7 wheel comes in 18″ or 19″ sizes. They are available in both staggered and square setups for the street or track. The EC-7 design offers industry-leading brake clearance, effectively clearing all factory brakes and many aftermarket big brake kits. The EC-7 Mustang wheels feature a medium concave profile for the best balance between caliper clearance, concavity, and weight.

Yes even those big boy Shelby GT350 and GT350R brakes can be cleared with the EC-7 wheels! Don’t limit your Mustangs performance on the track by settling for a larger wheel because of brake clearance or tire size constraints.

Race wheels need to be light and functional in high performance environments. Unlike the narrow lug recesses of most other wheels, the EC-7 wheel features bored-out lug recesses that easily accommodate over-sized race lugs and beefy impact sockets. APEX doesn’t force you to compromise with narrow aftermarket tuner nuts and sockets. This allows for quick and easy wheel changes and prevents chips and scratches from tools. The EC-7 wheel can be used with all OEM and aftermarket mounting hardware with a 60° tapered seat. Lug bolts, wheel locks, and stud conversion kits all work perfectly. The EC-7 wheel also accepts wheel spacers without issue.

All APEX EC-7 wheels are purpose built for select vehicle applications. Hub centric rings are never required for any S197 or S550 Mustang applications. All 5×114.3mm bolt pattern wheels feature a direct-fit, 70.5mm center bore.

You can also rock an APEX center cap, factory center cap or simply no cap at all. Every EC-7 wheel is designed to work with factory center caps. Each wheel ships with the APEX Gloss Black center cap.

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