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What is ModFind and why was it created?

Car enthusiasts are always looking to upgrade and buy parts for their cars and the current aftermarket automotive marketplace can be a bit difficult to navigate. With so many different platforms with which to buy and sell parts, some of which aren’t designed well for car parts, it can be a confusing landscape. However, there’s a new platform that intends to make the process simpler and more engaging– ModFind.

ModFind is an automotive marketplace for like-minded enthusiasts to buy and sell parts, as well as share listings for cash. But what separates ModFind from other marketplace platforms is the fact that it’s catered to car enthusiasts, so you’re buying from and selling to like-minded car nuts and not randoms on Craigslist or Facebook.

Why should the Mustang community use ModFind?

ModFind is a platform for ALL makes and models but the Mustang community since day 1 has always modified their cars. If there was ever a community that loves making their cars louder, faster, and unique, it’s the Mustang owners. This new marketplace has everything to become the go-to to place for Mustang owners to sell their parts, and also where they go to look to buy new mods, merchandise, electronics, and more.

One of my favorite features about their marketplace is the ModFind Kickback. It’s a unique feature that allows you to give someone a kickback if they help you sell something. You can offer cash to other users to help promote your listing. So if you click the Kickback button on a listing, you can choose to send that listing to anyone in your mobile device’s contacts or via social media. If someone you shared the link with buys the product, you receive cash from the sale!

air filters

What can you sell on ModFind?

There is everything from cold air intakes to fully built Mustangs listed on ModFind. I wanted to highlight one example of a listing on the new automotive marketplace. Turbosmart has listed their 2015 SEMA build for sale using ModFind. It’s a super simple interface to use on desktop or on their mobile app.

I haven’t personally purchased anything on there just yet but it seems pretty straightforward. You can pay using your ModFind balance, PayPal, Apple Pay or credit card.

Click or tap the LINK, to check out what an example of what a listing looks like.

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