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Who is Peregrine Automotive?

Founded By Alex & Julian Keuylian, Peregrine Automotive was created in 2017 with the goal of creating high-performance cars that looked the part. After all, the company was named after the Peregrine Falcon who can reach flying speeds of up to 200mph. Starting with the Ford Mustang, the Keuylian brothers saw no limit to what they could make of an already fast sports car. Building upon the S550 chassis, they aimed to take on some of the biggest names in the game such as Ferrari and McLaren. The Revenge GT was born.

What is the Revenge GT?

The Revenge GT Mustang is their breakout vehicle built to showcase their styling and capabilities. Found in Voodoo Blue and Acid Green, both colors from Porsche, these cars need no introduction. A total of 4 prototype Mustangs were made, 2 were Mustang coupes and 2 were convertibles. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Revenge GT so unique.

Only 35 Revenge GT coupes will be built. 25 for US clients and 10 for overseas.

Revenge GT Mustang Exterior & Interior

Starting on the exterior, it is not hard to tell that there have been countless hours of research and development into this Mustang GT. Various scale clay models were constructed over the course of three months before spending another 6 months getting it into a 3D digital rendering to get everything just the way the Keuylians had envisioned.

You will most likely notice the wide-body right= of the bat. After all, it’s one of the Revenge GT’s most intricate features. While most are bolting on fiberglass body kits, Peregrine Automotive made the entire widebody from carbon fiber. This gave the GT great durability while staying very lightweight. The custom Porsche colored paint jobs on the prototypes make these S197s stand out against Ford’s factory colors. When having your car converted to a Revenge GT, you can pick any color with the ability to have exposed carbon fiber for an added touch. 

Additional features on the exterior of the Revenge GT include a custom hood, race wing with proven-improvements in downforce, and 20×10.5 & 20×12 wheels. This car is truly a touch of custom and can be ordered as a full conversion kit for your Mustang GT.

Revenge GT Mustang Engine Specs

Building off the already powerful Gen 3 coyote found in 2018-2020 Mustang GTs, the Revenge GT conversion comes with a Stage 2 3.0L Whipple supercharger that is going to push your S550 up over 800 horsepower. Did we mention it stays 50 state legal too? As if the 800 horsepower wasn’t enough, you can actually order your Revenge GT with a few hundred more horsepower.

Revenge GT Suspension

The Revenge GT doesn’t just look like a race car, it performs like one too. With over 800 horsepower, you are going to need a high performing suspension to get that power to the ground and have full control over it. A custom suspension is used on all Revenge GT conversions that widens the track of the S550 to improve the handling of your Mustang. Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires help to give you the ultimate traction when tearing up the street in your new high performance Revenge GT.

How Much Does A Revenge GT Cost?

So let’s talk about cost. What is a Revenge GT conversion going to cost? After all, these wild customizations come with a pretty hefty price. To get your S550 converted to a premium Revenge GT, you can expect to pay a $139,000 price tag. While you could do everything you could ever want to your Mustang with this type of money, you just can’t replicate the Revenge GT. For more information or to order one for yourself, visit the LINK

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