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Cruise for a Cause | HOPE Edition Mustang

Cruise for a Cause’s mission is to deliver HOPE to wherever they go and now you can to with a special edition HOPE Edition Mustang. The Cruise for a Cause HOPE Edition Mustang is a collaboration between Middleton Ford / Middleton Motorsports and the founder of Cruise for a Cause, Dan Neve. If you currently own a 2020 Ford Mustang, you can also add this package to it. The cost is $1,450 delivered to your door.

Cruise for a Cause began in 2010 after Dan Neve’s (Founder of Cruise for a Cause) mother and wife were diagnosed with breast cancer within a month of each other. It was then that he committed his efforts to help fund cancer research. Since then, Cruise for a Cause has been traveling the country showing support for those battling breast and prostate cancer.

Dan has had numerous Mustangs decked out in the Cruise for a Cause livery you may have seen before. The most recent Mustang he campaigned was a 2019 Bullitt. During the year, Dan takes his Mustang to various shows across the country to spread awareness about his organization, Cruise for a Cause.

Now you can help spread cancer awareness and support Cruise for a Cause with your very own HOPE Edition Mustang. Like I mentioned earlier, Cruise for a Cause has partnered with Middleton Ford to create these limited edition Mustangs. Only 99 will be produced.

The HOPE Package ($1,450) can be added to any new Mustang you wish to own. The example in the photos is a 2020 Mustang GT Performance Package 2. The HOPE Package includes:

  • HOPE Edition Graphics
  • Custom Engine Dress Up Kit
  • Numbered Badging
  • WeatherTech Floor Mats
  • Certificate of Ownership

Each Mustang’s graphics package can be customized with any accent color you wish. Typically, pink is associated with Breast Cancer Awareness as you see on this Velocity Blue Mustang GT PP2.

Middleton Ford will be donating all of the profits from each HOPE Edition Mustang to Cruise for a Cause. Please check out Cruise for a Cause’s Facebook page and show your support by giving them a LIKE. Click HERE to visit their Facebook.

**HOPE Edition Packages are also available on Ford Escape, Edge, Explorer and F-150’s.

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