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Drivetrain Buyers Guide for your Ford Mustang by American Muscle

AmericanMuscle (AM) has released a new video to help Mustang owners shop for drivetrain components. Their host, Justin Dugan reviews AM’s wide selection of drivetrain components, explaining how they are organized on the website. The video aims to help Mustang enthusiasts find and purchase the correct parts by navigating the in-depth tech guides and detailed product pages found at

The drivetrain system is an essential component of your Ford Mustang. “You can have all the horsepower and torque in the world, but the reality is if you don’t have the drivetrain to put that power to the ground, you’re not going to go anywhere,” says Justin. Working from front to back, Justin begins with the shifter, a category loaded with options for manual or automatic Mustangs along with various accessories. AM also offers an awesome selection of clutches and flywheels to support any power level. Moving onto driveshafts, AM helps customers shop everything from one-piece aluminum options to lightweight carbon fiber options. On the rear end, Justin reviews the detailed information to be found on AM’s gears, axle, and differential pages. He wraps up the video with a closer look at AM’s comprehensive differentials tech guide, explaining how Mustang owners can use the information to upgrade their powertrain based on horsepower and driving styles.

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AM’s drivetrain buyer’s guide video is part of their ongoing commitment to educating the Mustang community and providing a meaningful customer experience at every step of the process. The video complements AM’s tech guides designed to guide customers through all the ins-and-outs of each drivetrain component. Armed with this information, customers can head to AM’s easy-to-navigate product pages where they will find all the parts needed to achieve their goal. As always, AM’s customer service team is on standby to answer any additional questions.  

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