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Stewart-Haas Racing celebrates Global Mustang Week at Richmond Raceway!

As most of you know, April 17th is National Mustang Day. This date has been accepted as the “birthday” of the Mustang because this was the day it was unveiled to the public back in 1964. Since then, Mustang has been in production for 57 uninterrupted years. This year Stewart-Haas Racing has unveiled a special livery to celebrate Global Mustang Week on the No. 14 car of Chase Briscoe. Harris Lue invited me out earlier this week to check out the livery in person and meet some of the Stewart-Hass Racing staff. When I arrived, I saw the vibrant livery on Chase’s No. 14 Mustang along with a corral of Mustangs surrounding it!

If you’re watching this weekend’s NASCAR race at Richmond Raceway, keep an eye out for Chase Briscoe’s No. 14 Global Mustang Week livery Mustang! It is a vibrant orange, similar to Twister Orange, that’s available on the 2021 Mustang. On the hood, is a 50/50 graphic of a 4-eyed Foxbody and 2018+ S550 Mustang. If I had to guess, Harris is behind the Foxbody appearing on the hood graphic haha! Check out some images of the livery below.

For as long as I have been around Mustang’s I have realized everyone has a Mustang story. It doesn’t matter if you’ve owned one or never owned a Mustang in your lifetime. Everyone can tell you a story about a Mustang that has made an impact on them at some point in their life. It was so awesome to be able to meet some of the Stewart-Haas Racing team members and hear their Mustang stories. Here are a few of the SHR team members’ stories.

Dave Sabatino
2000 Cobra R (1 of 300)
Position at Stewart-Haas Racing: CNC Machinist
Dave mentioned that when he was growing up, his neighbor had a ’67 Mustang that he always admired. After it was sold to someone else, Dave said he would buy the Mustang he wanted one day and that Mustang happened to be a 2000 Cobra R!

Harris Lue
1987 Mustang GT Convertible & 1993 Mustang LX Hatchback
Position at Stewart-Haas Racing: Graphic Design Manager
Harris says that Mustangs are all about individuality! You can take the cheapest, most stock, model and throw a unique combination of parts together to make it your own in no time!

Matthew Ridgway
2004 Mustang GT
Position at Stewart-Haas Racing: Fabricator
Matthew’s Mustang is a former Honolulu Police Pursuit Vehicle. It was his first car that he purchased back in 2021 when he joined the Army. *Thank you for your service!

James Keener
1993 Mustang
Position at Stewart-Haas Racing: Fabricator and Gas Man on the No. 98 and No. 10
James bought his Mustang because he had friends in high school that had a Foxbody Mustang and they were super fun to drive and work on. His entire car has been taken apart and rebuilt. The engine is a stroked and supercharged 331 ci. Every part of the drivetrain has been replaced and upgraded.

Scott Bingham
2015 Mustang EcoBoost
Position at Stewart-Haas Racing: No. 41 Race Engineer
Scott really liked the updated body style in 2015 but wasn’t sure if he wanted the 5.0 or not. He was offered the Ecoboost as an alternative with more horsepower/better fuel mileage than the V6, so that is what he ended up with. He has loved the car ever since he got it!

If you would like to see Chase Briscoe’s No. 14 Mustang in action with the Global Mustang Week livery, check it out on April 18th, at Richmond Raceway! The action starts at 3PM EST LIVE on Fox!

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