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Ford Performance brings an exciting lineup of Ford vehicles to the Carlisle Ford Nationals

The Carlisle Ford Nationals are held at the Fair Grounds in Carlisle, PA. It isn’t a Mustang-specific show but it’s open to all Ford models. This year there was a record-breaking attendance in the show field with 3,196 Ford vehicles in attendance!

Carlisle has a lot more to offer than just a show field of cars. If you’re searching for some parts to restore your classic Mustang, this is the place to be. The world’s largest Ford automotive flea market can be found at the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Hundreds of people bring out Mustang and Ford collectibles, memorabilia, tools and automotive parts to sell or barter.

Vendors set up to show off their latest parts and services they offer in the Manufacturers Midway. A few companies like Classic Design Concepts actually install parts on site during the show. Ford brought some new exciting Mustangs for you to test drive. We wanted to highlight some of the Ford vehicles that Ford Performance brought this year.

Images: Mustang Marie / Jon Day

GT500 “Aerobuck” Test Mule

Ford is saying the ’20 Shelby GT500 will be the fastest and most technologically advanced Mustang to date. With that being said, there has to be a lot of testing done to accomplish such a claim. Ford brought out this test mule you see in the images below for everyone to see. I think this was absolutely awesome because these usually aren’t seen up close or displayed like that.

A few of the exterior components, like the hood vent, were 3D printed. Utilizing 3D printed parts can speed up the production process, allowing changes to be made quickly. When I visited the Advanced Manufacturing Center a few months ago, I learned how Ford is utilizing different types of 3D printing to implement onto their upcoming vehicles. Every Shelby GT500 will have a 3D printed part installed on them from the factory, check it out HERE!

EcoBoost High Performance

This striking EcoBoost HiPo adorned in Grabber Lime is the most powerful 4-cylinder sports car from any American automaker. The team at Ford Performance did an experiment which involved placing a 2.3L engine from the Focus RS inside a Mustang. The rest was history!

The Mustang team leveraged Ford’s product development times which brought the EcoBoost HiPo from design to approval in under 10 months.

With 330 ponies stuffed under the hood, the chassis and suspension needed some upgrades. The team borrowed some suspension components from big brother, the Mustang GT Performance Package.

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