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Mecum Auction will be selling ’68 Bullitt Hero Car at Kissimmee in 2020

The ’68 Bullitt Hero Car was driven by Steve McQueen in the movie “Bullitt”. It is possibly one of the most iconic American pop culture cars of our decade. The Mustang has been in the Kiernan family for 55 years. In January 2018, the Bullitt came out of hiding, after 40+ years, and was revealed to the world during Ford’s announcment of the 2019 Bullitt.

Sean Kiernan, the current owner, mentions during Mecum’s live announcement that the Bullitt is in full mechanical running order. While the car has been in his possession his main goal was to keep the exterior looking as original as possible.

Ideally, he would love for the next owner to enjoy the romance behind this iconic Mustang and keep it with its patina / history. Sean would like someone who can take the Bullitt onto the next chapter of its life and continue sharing it across the world with the automotive world.

To view the live unveiling, click HERE!

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Mecum Auctions will sell the Bullitt Hero Car with NO RESERVE!

When I first heard the news I was shocked! After hearing Sean speak during the live announcement, on Mecum’s YouTube channel, I can get behind his decision. It has been in his family for over 55 years like I mentioned above. For the past year, he has taken Bullitt around the globe and created many new memories for himself, his family and all of us Mustang enthusiasts.

Dana Mecum, believes the ’68 Bullitt will break the American muscle car hammer price record next year. The current hammer price record is a ’71 Cuda Convertible which sold for $3.5 million.

With no reserve, the sky is the limit! What do you think it will sell for at Mecum’s Kissimmee, Florida auction in 2020?

Image: Hagerty

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