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Front End Friday!

No one really knows who or when the Front End Friday trend started but it has become more and more popular across social media platforms. If you’re not familiar with the term, Front End Friday or #FEF, let us explain… Basically, people on social media share an image on Friday showing off a cars front end, hence the name Front End Friday. If you were to post an image using the #FEF hashtag and the day wasn’t Friday, you may be subject to a few jokes amongst your friends haha! We have compiled some of the best FEF images we have found today amongst the Mustang community. Be sure to leave a like, comment and follow some of your favorites!

Author Jaron Cole

I've been around the Sun 27 times. I'm a Mustang owner (2015 ROUSH inspired S550), automotive enthusiast and photographer! Oh, and I have a thing called Mustang Fan Club, you may have heard of it.

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