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If my car was a shoe challenge

Trends appear on social media from time to time. Within the past couple of weeks, there is an ongoing trend called “If My Car Was a Shoe Challenge. The car owners post an image of their car along with a shoe that best represents what their car would look like if it were a shoe. The hashtag, #ifmycarwasashoechallenge was also used to share with the other Instagram users. Earlier this year, a similar challenge popped up that included villains. You can check out that article HERE.

I am semi into sneakers so I thought this was a pretty cool thing going around social media. At the time of writing this article, the hashtag#ifmycarwasashoechallenge, currently has 15,000 tags. I made my post last week and the tag had roughly 4,800 tags at the time. You can view my post below.

I have spent a couple hours here and there checking the hashtag. It’s rather entertaining seeing how people perceive their car if it was a shoe. Some are really spot on and makes me wonder what they had to search on Google to find the results they were looking for.

I decided to find the very first post made using the hashtag. Luckily I have an infinite scroll on my mouse so it took me roughly 20 minutes to scroll to the very bottom on my desktop. Here is the very first image posted on December 14th, 2017.

This is the first Mustang user I found sharing an image using the hashtag in 2017.

While scrolling to the bottom of the hashtag list to find the very first post made using the tag, I picked out some of my favorite posts made by other users. This list consists of shoes that represent the owners Mustang very well.

These next posts are more on the comedic side. I couldn’t contain myself with the transparent shoe and the empty parking lot comparison. The user who shared the horse hoof was clever. Have a nice laugh on me with some of these hilarious comparisons below.

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