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Yes you read the title correctly, Zach purchased a ’68 Mustang with the original owner inside

A few days ago,  my buddy Zach, sent me a text message saying he recently found a Mustang he has been considering to purchase. Casual conversation ensued about the Mustang until he said one thing that was rather odd. Zach said, “The original owner also comes with the ’68 Fastback Mustang.”

It took me a minute to really analyze what he said. I re-read his message and yes I read it correctly. An image was followed by his comment and what I saw was a glass jar with ashes sitting on the front bumper of the Mustang. Zach said, “This is James, he’s the original owner of this Mustang I just bought.” I thought to myself this was too good not to share with the Mustang community so lets get into it!

Zach’s journey to James and the ’68 Mustang Fastback

Before we get into everything, last year we featured Zach’s ’66 Mustang as a Feature Car. Check it out HERE! He also owns a 2017, Grabber Blue, Shelby GT350 that is a stripe delete. #stripedeleteFTW

Zach has been searching for a ’67-’68 Fastback to restore for years now. He originally wanted a C or J code Mustang he could resto-mod to his personal tastes because they aren’t as rare as some of the other code models.

For those of you who don’t know what the code letters refer to, the letter is derived from the fifth letter on the classic Mustangs. You here the engine codes referenced often between the ’65 – ’70 years.

This particular ’68 Mustang Fastback we are writing about is a “S” code car. “S” code on a ’68 Mustang denotes that is was optioned with the 390, 4-barrel, V8 engine producing 325hp and 427tq. Pretty stout for a pony car back in the day!

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As I mentioned earlier, Zach wasn’t really interested in a rare coded Mustang as the parts would be harder to come by or they carried a hefty price tag if he did find them. Zach was scrolling through numerous Craigslist ads one day and stumbled upon this unique “S” code Mustang that he decided to take a gamble on. After calling the number on the listing, Zach headed to Franklin, NC. a couple days later to lay his eyes on the Fastback.

The current owner of the Mustang told Zach the story of how the original owner (James) was his best friend and had passed a few years ago. James’ family sold the ’68 Mustang to him. The car had sat under a tree in Florida for decades and now has a cozy barn to call home since his ownership. There was one specific piece of the story the current owner didn’t mention to Zach before arriving to the barn where the Mustang was stored.

While Zach was looking over the interior of the Mustang, he noticed a jar full of something that looked like powder. Zach, asked the owner, “What’s up with the jar on the inside?” The current owner replied, “That’s James!” Zach took a moment to gather his thoughts and understand everything that was just said. After a brief pause, Zach responded with “Well, does James come with the car?”

After a year had passed and the price had dropped on the ’68 Mustang Fastback, Zach finally purchased the Mustang with its original owner in the passenger seat.

The unique story continues…

Since the Mustang has been in Zach’s possession, he has done some research on the vehicle to find out it has some unique options on it. As I mentioned earlier, it is a “S” code car with the 390 V8 engine. The other unique things about the car include:

  • 1 of 589 “Special Paint” code
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • 3.25 trac-loc rear end
  • Electric clock
  • Original interior trim in tact
  • Original keys
  • Original FL title issued in 1969
  • Most importantly of all, you receive the original owner with purchase

Zach’s intentions were to purchase a Mustang that he could resto-mod but he feels this Mustang should be restored to its original glory because of its rarity. If you would like to purchase this Mustang, follow this LINK and check out the eBay listing.

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  • Jerry Wines says:

    What is asking price for the 68 Mustang??

  • Carlos says:

    “FROM the original owner” ! !

  • Anthony Williams says:

    I have a 1965 mustang for sale V8 289 in good condition.

  • Jeff Thomas says:

    Great article. My sister, original owner, is selling her 71 mustang convertible she bought from Vels Parnalli Jones in Torrance, CA. Would your members be interested? Please email me for more info.

  • Eric Schaefer says:

    I have a 72 Mach 1 351 Cleveland Q code car, 69,000 orig miles and numbers matching, I am trying to figure out the best place to list it where it will reach REAL Mustang enthusiasts! Can you please point me in the right direction?

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