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Tindol ROUSH Performance ROUSH Mustang for sale

This year ROUSH Performance is offering a limited production Mustang called the JackHammer. With only 200 of these bad boys being produced in 2018, chances are you won’t see many of these out on the street. Our friends at Tindol ROUSH Performance have already sold many of these limited production Mustangs this year.

Recently we posted an article about JackHammer #001 that Lyle Sturgis, the Crazy Mustang Man, sold earlier this year to Sean and Sheryl. Tindol ROUSH Performance currently has yet another special low serial number JackHammer in their inventory. #002 of 200 is currently at the Mustang Owner’s Museum Preview Museum in Concord, NC.

2018 ROUSH JackHammer
2018 ROUSH JackHammer Tindol Performance
ROUSH hockey stripe decal

What separates the JackHammer from the other ROUSH Mustangs?

Traditionally ROUSH has a Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Mustang each year. JackHammer is the top dog for 2018 temporarily replacing the Stage 3. I will break down the core components of each version Mustang ROUSH Performance offers.

ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang

  • Starting at $5,470 above base vehicle
  • Based off of the 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang
  • R8 Aero Package
  • 19-inch GT Performance Package Wheels
  • ROUSH Performance Exhaust System
  • “1” Grille Badge

ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang

  • Starting at $10,265 above base vehicle
  • Based off of the 5.0L Mustang GT
  • R8 Aero Package
  • 20-inch Quicksilver wheels with Continental ExtremeContact Tires
  • ROUSH 1-way adjustable coilover suspsension
  • “2” Grille Badge

ROUSH JackHammer Mustang

  • Starting at $14,765 above base vehicle
  • Based off of the 5.0L Mustang GT
  • R8 Aero Package
  • ROUSH TVS 2650 Supercharger Package (710hp)
  • Supercharger is dealer installed
  • 20-inch Ebony Black Wheels with Ultra High Performance Continental Tires
  • Extreme Duty Half Shafts
  • ROUSH 1-way adjustable coilover suspension
  • High flow lower grille
  • ROUSH “Hockey Stick” Graphics Package
  • “JH” Grille Badge
ROUSH 2650 supercharger
ROUSH 2650 Supercharger
ROUSH 2650 supercharger

Tindol ROUSH Performance has been the #1 ROUSH dealer in the world for 3 consecutive years!

On any given day, there will be at least one ROUSH Mustang for sale on Tindol’s lot. Last year marked their 3rd consecutive year as being the #1 ROUSH dealer in the world! At Tindol ROUSH Performance, you aren’t just another customer… You’re part of an extended family.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook page to stay up to date with all the latest happenings at Tindol ROUSH Performance!

2018 ROUSH JackHammer Tindol Performance
2018 ROUSH JackHammer Tindol Performance
2018 ROUSH JackHammer

Extra Images

ROUSH gauge overlay

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  • Brian Pinter says:

    Thank you for your write up of the #2 Jackhammer. I have been doing research on Roush Jackhammer Mustangs. There are a total of 161 in the world. 142 in the US, 10 in Australia and 9 in Canada. These are my numbers not Roush numbers. I have found #161 at a Ford dealer in Tennessee. I have even started a Roush Jackhammer Owner’s Facebbok page to collect all my info.

  • Is this Jack Hammer available for Sale ? A serious Inquiry.

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