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Who is Justin Pawlak?

Justin Pawlak is a professional Formula Drift driver. Justin started his drifting career back in 2005 in a ’89 Mazda RX-7. Around 2010, he had the opportunity to drive the Falken Tire Mustang and Justin hasn’t looked back ever since. JTP previously worked for AEM Electronics’ race team and various shops in California before starting his own shop, Hot Line Performance. We want to mention something that many of you may not know. Justin is involved with almost every aspect of his Mustang. He builds his own competition cars! We will go more in depth on that while we show you his ROUSHCharged Ford Mustang, with a new look, for the 2018 Formula Drift season.

What is new on the exterior of your 2018 Mustang?

Teal and blue. Justin is rockin’ the iconic Falken Tires livery again for 2018! The first time we became aware of JTP was back in 2010 when he was wheelin’ his S197 Falken Tires Mustang. So needless to say, we are a huge fan of this livery. The wide body panels and hood are carbon fiber from Anderson Composites. The front fascia is from ROUSH Performance. All the ROUSH front fascia components (lower grille, upper grille, corner pockets and front splitter) can be bought for your 2018+ Mustang to get the same aggressive look JTP has on his competition car.

Justin switched over from a lipped Weld wheel to the Forgestar F14 wheels for the 2018 season. We think that the white wheels really tie the whole livery together. Have fun cleaning those JTP! The Forgestars are wrapped in Falken AZENIS 615K+ tires for maximum grip.

I enjoy the full range of hot rodding. Build your own stuff, make it your own style and then get out there and wheel it!

Justin Pawlak

Let’s take a break from the Mustang and talk about the man behind it for a minute.

Earlier we mentioned Justin being heavily involved in every aspect possible on his competition car. Justin has touched almost every inch of his Mustang. He tells us he has everything from “off the shelf” parts such as the Ford Performance 5.0L Aluminator crate engine and 2.3L ROUSH supercharger, to custom fabricated pieces that maximize efficiency on the track.

Justin built his competition car on a rotisserie. The chassis has been fully stitch welded and a Formula D spec roll cage has been installed. The roll cage has tons of one-piece gussets to allow no flex between the chassis and roll cage.

Another important piece of his Mustang is the rear end. If you’re not familiar with Formula Drift, there is a lot of near impact or slight contact situations that may occur. The rear end has been completely cut off and engineered to protect important mechanical components, withstand impacts and be repaired between runs on the track. Justin teamed up with C&R Radiators to develop a custom rear radiator setup. On the front side, there is a heat exchanger for the supercharger and on the other side there is the radiator for the engine.

For a more in depth look at JTP’s Mustang, check out Hoonigan’s: Build Biology video below!

What’s under the skin on Justin Pawlak’s 1,000hp Mustang?


  • Ford Performance 5.0L “Coyote” Aluminator Crate Engine
  • ROUSH 2.3L supercharger
  • C&R custom rear mounted heat exchanger / radiator
  • Factory ECU with Link Engine Management
  • Injector Dynamics (ID1700) fuel injectors
  • NGK spark plugs
  • Radium Fuel System

Wheels and Tires: 

  • Forgestar F14 Wheels
  • Falken Azenis 615K+ 255/40/18 (front) and 295/40/18 (rear)


  • Kook’s 1 7/8 in. longtube headers


  • Andrews Products 4-Speed Dogbox transmission
  • Exedy twin disk clutch
  • Drive Shaft Shop aluminum driveshaft
  • Drive Shaft Shop 9in. Ford rear end
  • Drive Shaft Shop axles


  • KW Motorsport coilovers
  • Ford Performance bushing kit
  • Custom fabricated front and rear suspension from Hometown Fabricating to achieve 74 degrees of angle

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