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50th Anniversary of the Mustang California Special

The first Ford Mustang California Special was released 50 years ago. Since then, there has been a total of five California Special models produced since ’68. Some styling cues carried throughout the years includes a blacked out grille, fog lights, fender scoops and side GT/CS stripes. One of our favorite cues on the GT/CS models is the fading side stripe into the rear fender scoop.

The 2019 California Special will be available, in convertible and coupe, living up to it’s true California heritage. Mark Conforzi said, “Few things are more satisfying than dropping the top on a California Special and taking a drive down the majestic Pacific Coast Highway.” This model will go on sale this summer.

The 2019 California Special introduces some new exciting features we can’t wait to tell you about!

  • “GT/CS” side strip that fades into the rear fender scoop
  • Ebony Black badging
  • California Special script badge adorns the trunk lid
  • Blacked out open grille
  • Performance Package 1 front splitter
  • Unique 5-spoke painted machined wheels
  • Pedestal spoiler
  • Miko suede trimmed seats with red contrast stitching
  • Embossed GT/CS insignia on the seats
  • Custom embroidered GT/CS floor mats
  • California Special badging on the passenger side dash panel
  • Advanced rev-matching
  • Bang & Olufsen Play audio
  • Active valve performance exhaust on EcoBoost models
  • Three new vintage inspired colors

Advanced rev-matching + 460hp + 6-speed manual transmission = BLISS!

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The California Special has never been focused on horsepower but more on style. Horsepower numbers still sit at 460hp / 420tq from your 5.0L “Coyote” V8. For 2019, the GT/CS includes new Advanced Rev-Matching Technology on manual transmission models. Vroom vroom!

As we mentioned above, there are three new vintage colors that will be available for 2019. One color is Dark Highland Green metallic which was unveiled last month on the Bullitt. The other two are called Need for Green and Velocity Blue. Need for Green we believe is formally known as “Spinel Green” which we have also seen from some leaked images in what seems to be a development center. Ford says, “While colors like Shadow Black and Magnetic Gray will still be popular for those who prefer to go stealth, these new colors pack a brighter, more vibrant punch for 2019.” We look forward to seeing how the Mustang community reacts to these new colors.

It’s time time to jump into the drivers seat and hit the highway!

On the interior, the first thing we noticed was the red contrast stitching. This interior color combination works really well with the Ingot Silver. Following some of the recent trends with the last two models of the GT/CS we will get Miko suede interior trim. It seems you get the Miko suede on the center of the leather seats and door trim panels. We assume the GT/CS embossing will be placed on the headrests or part of your seat where your back would rest. We love our music LOUD! Ford has packed in a 1,000 watt Bang & Olufsen audio system with a 10-channel amplifier powering 12 high-performance speakers.

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  • Michelle Pease says:

    I love my 2019 GT/CS, use to own a ’68 GT350 Shelby replica that had actual working side scoops/vents… so I found and added the faux window vents to complete the California Special look like my ’68 had.
    I have not been able to locate additional vehicles of this model here in Colorado after purchasing mine.
    Every”trade in value” venues I’ve tried do not offer the current market value of this model.
    I am curious as to exactly the total number of vehicles under this GT/CS model Ford actually released in 2019 and what the current value of them might be.

    • Clyde Lee says:

      I hear you Michelle. I bought a black 2019 California Special convertible last year myself and absolutely love it. I don’tunderstand why the production numbers seem so impossible to find. You’d think for a Special edition model they’d be out there, I haven’t seen very many myself and I’m a long haul truck driver, just a few. Still without knowing the actual production numbers who knows how saturated the market is and how well they will hold their value, or go up or down. Still they’re one sweet ride and a whole lot of fun to drive!

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