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Dennis Collins' Mustangs break six Barrett-Jackson records!

Two weeks ago, Dennis Collins from Fast N’ Loud, released a video showing off his stable of Mustangs he was going to auction off at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale this week. Six of the eight Mustangs he put up for auction broke records for each year and model Mustang respectively. People were uncertain about how well this lot of Foxbody and SN95 cars would sell. We believe he made out all right. These six specific, record breaking, Mustangs sold for a whopping, combined amount of $391,050! Each one was meticulously kept and maintained for several years. The urge to drive one of these gorgeous pieces of Mustang history would tempt me everyday. Tell us what your favorite Mustang out of the lot is and why in the comment section below.

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Read all the specs and information about each Mustang below!

Lot 400 – Sold for $9,900

Lot 400.2 – Sold for $20,350

Lot 400.1 - Sold for $44,000 - WORLD RECORD!

Lot 400.6 - Sold for $44,000 - WORLD RECORD!

Lot 400.4 - Sold for $55,000 - WORLD RECORD!

Lot 400.7 - Sold for $63,800 - WORLD RECORD!

Lot 400.3 - Sold for $71,500 - WORLD RECORD!

Lot 400.5 - Sold for $82,500 - WORLD RECORD!


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