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Event Coverage | Mustang Week 2016

Every year for the past fifteen years, thousands of Mustang owners and enthusiasts have made their way to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Mustang Week. This year was a special year for the MW Staff and participants. What made it so special? 2015 marked the 15th anniversary of Mustang Week! This event is spanned over a week long period and is packed full of Mustang related activities. Let us show you our perspective from this years event!

For the past 6 years, we always leave for Myrtle Beach on the Saturday before Mustang Week officially begins. We usually have a group of Mustangs that roll with us. The drive from Atlanta is around 6-7 hours. As always, its a blast just cruising with your friends in anticipation for the weeks worth of events you are about to partake in. When we arrived we all settled in our condo and relaxed for the afternoon because the upcoming days are going to be long and eventful!

On Sunday, there is usually an unofficial meet up at the Hard Rock and many other locations around Myrtle. We have included some images from this meet!

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Meet and Greet

Official Mustang Week Meet-N-Greet

Tuesday is always the Meet-N-Greet! This year it was hosted at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Usually it’s located at the Palace Theatre, we think this new location is more accommodating and has great potential! We arrived 30 minutes after the Meet-N-Greet officially started and we ended up parking in the very back lot. Shortly after we had arrived, the overflow parking area was filling up! Check out some of the Mustangs that came out to the meet!

Mustang Fan Club Instagram Meet @ The Beaver Bar

Mustang Fan Club Meet & Greet

We initially created this “Instagram meet” so everyone could put a name and face to the individuals we see every day on social media. This year LateModel Restoration and ROUSH Performance wanted to come on board to help out with things. The afternoon was filled with great people, Mustangs and a few burnouts ;). This years meet at the Beaver Bar marked our 3rd year holding this event. It was the largest turn out we have had so far! I would like to think everyone that came out and showed their support. We hope that next year will be even bigger! #MustangFanClub

BFGoodrich Autocross and Fun Runs at Myrtle Beach Speedway

Mustang Week Car Show

The car show on Friday is the largest event of the week! With the 500 car show tickets being SOLD OUT, within 24 hours, having a spot in the show is prestigious. This year almost 12,000 attendees came to the Myrtle Beach Mall to check out the vendors and Mustangs. Whether you’re into the new S550 chasis, S197, classics or Foxbody, there is something for everyone to drool over.

Mustang Cruise In

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