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2018 ROUSH Stage 2 TrakPak Tribute by TRP

Tindol ROUSH Performance created a special edition 2018 Mustang called the ROUSH Stage 2 TrakPak Tribute. The TrakPak Tribute is based off of a Stage 2 ROUSH Mustang and it’s optioned very specifically. Before I get in depth on the TrakPak Tribute, let me give you a brief history lesson on where this idea stemmed from.

The ’08 ROUSH 427R TrakPak started the trend

Back in 2008, ROUSH Performance created the 427R TrakPak. It was designed for the daily driver who enjoys pushing their car to the limits. Whether you’re a spirited driver or visit the track often, the TrakPak was outfitted with upgraded suspension, bigger brakes and several other track specific options available.

’15 ROUSH Performance TrakPak

The SEMA show happens once a year at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This show is the mecca for anything automotive related. For the SEMA show 2015, ROUSH Performance created a TrakPak Mustang which included several aerodynamic upgrades that were beneficial for track use. Not only did it look menacing, the 5.0L Coyote V-8 engine produced over 800hp!

I had the opportunity to photograph it during Mustang Week. The TrakPak still had its Gold Rush Rally livery on it and also an Anderson Composites rear spoiler because the larger spoiler created too much downforce while competing on the rally. #becauseracecar

10 years later, TRP introduces the TrakPak Tribute

Tindol ROUSH Performance took a few ROUSH Stage 2 Mustangs and outfitted them with track oriented options. These Stage 2 TrakPak Tribute Mustangs have everything the JackHammer has aside from the supercharger. For all of you who need that extra power, the ROUSH TVS 2650 supercharger can be easily added!

The options include upgraded Ford Performance Heavy Duty Half Shafts, Recaro seats and 3-way adjustable coil-over suspension. This particular TrakPak Tribute I photographed is optioned with the Palladium Forged Wheel. The weight savings and added strength of the wheels can be advantageous during your visits to the track.

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TRP tossed me the keys to one of their 2018 ROUSH Stage 2 TrakPak Tribute Mustangs to shoot some content that you are seeing in this article. I have never really driven extensively in a Mustang with Recaro seats. I have always thought they would be uncomfortable for my needs because I daily drive my 2015 Mustang GT. I drove roughly 100 miles in the Recaro equipped Mustang and didn’t really find any gripes except that I’m spoiled by my heated / cooled leather seats so I missed those on the cold mornings.

The 20-inch Palladium Forged Wheels help shave weight and add strength at the same time. The Continental Extreme Contact tires allow you to put confidence in your Mustang while pushing through those apexes! Speaking of apexes, the 3-way adjustable coil-over suspension can be fine tuned to your racing specifications. Simply pop the hood and adjust your dampening to your liking.

The Lightning Blue exterior paired with the matte black center stripe is a definite way to stand out from the rest of the Mustangs out on the street. I personally love black accents on bright colors. The matte black center stripe flows seamlessly with the matte black ROUSH rear spoiler.

There are only a few of these available for sale through Tindol ROUSH Performance. The ROUSH Stage 2 TrakPak Tribute that you see here is currently for sale! Contact the Crazy Mustang Man, Lyle Sturgis, if you would like to add this pony to your stable.

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