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What is the Repco Australian Supercars Championship?

The Supercars Championship is Australia’s premier motorsport competition, featuring high-performance, technologically advanced cars battling it out on some of the world’s most challenging circuits. Think of it as Australia’s version of NASCAR or Formula One, with a unique Aussie twist. The competition attracts some of the world’s top drivers and manufacturers, with iconic brands like Ford and GM (formerly Holden) going head-to-head on the track. With fast-paced action, heart-stopping thrills, and a rich history dating back to the 1960s, the Supercars Championship is an event that captures the imagination of fans both in Australia and across the world. Whether you’re a seasoned motorsport enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting new experience, the Repco Supercars Championship is definitely worth checking out. Continue reading to learn about the Gen3 Mustang that competes in the Supercars Championship.

Images sourced from Ford Media // Supercars Championship

What teams compete in the Supercars Gen3 Mustang?

These teams will compete in a series of races across Australia and New Zealand, including the iconic Bathurst 1000 race. Fans can expect to see some intense competition as the drivers and teams adapt to the new Gen3 rules and regulations. Who do you think will earn the Supercars championship title this year?

Tickford Racing operates one of the largest teams in the Supercars Championship. They have 4 Gen3 Mustangs competing on the grid this season. Tickford Racing drivers include Cam Waters – #6 Monster Energy Racing, James Courtney – #5 Snowy River Caravans, Thomas Randle – #55 Castrol Racing, and Declan Fraser – #56 Tradie Racing.

Dick Johnson Racing (formerly DJR Team Penske) is Australia’s oldest motor racing team competing in the Supercars Championship. Dick Johnson Racing has won the Supercars Championship three times. Dick Johnson Racing drivers include Will Davison – #17 Shell V-Power Racing and Anton De Pasquale – #11 Shell V-Power Racing.

Walkinshaw Andretti United is one of the most successful teams in the Supercars Championship category. Formerly racing under the Holden Racing Team banner, the team decided to ditch the GM/ Holden chassis and switch over to the Gen3 Mustang. The 2023 season marks their first year competing with the Ford Mustang. Their drivers are Chaz Mostert – #25 Mobil 1 Optus Racing and Nick Percat – #2 Mobil 1 NTI Racing.

Blanchard Racing Team is a relatively new team, on the grid, that was founded in 2021. Todd Hazelwood is piloting the #3 Gen3 CoolDrive Racing Mustang GT.

Grove Racing has been a prominent player in the Supercars Championship for many years. Their impressive track record is built on consistent results and top-tier driving talent. Grove Racing Gen3 Mustang drivers are David Reynolds – #26 Penrite Racing and Matthew Payne – #19 Penrite Racing.

What is the Gen3 Supercars Mustang?

The Ford Mustang has become an iconic symbol of speed and power throughout the years, and the latest iteration of this beloved muscle car is ready to hit the track. The new Gen3 Supercars Mustang has been designed off of the new 7th Generation S650 Mustang chassis. Under the new Gen3 rules and regulations, downforce has been reduced by 60-70 percent and the chassis’ are required to integrate road car-like proportions. Gen3 Mustangs utilize the hood, roof, doors, and windows based on the production S650 Mustang.

What engine is in the Gen3 Supercars Mustang?

The 2023 Gen3 Mustang will be powered by a 600+ horsepower, 5.4L Coyote V8, that is based on the dual overhead cam production engine. In previous years, teams have had complete freedom on where they get their engines from. With the latest Gen3 regulations, there will be just two engine builders for the entire field of cars competing in the Supercars Championship. Herrod Performance Engines has been selected as the engine builder for Ford. Each engine supplier will send their engines to Supercars where they will test every engine on their own dynos before randomly selecting which engines go to which team.

Overall, the Gen3 Mustang is set to be one of the most exciting and powerful race cars in the Repco Supercars Championship. With its specially designed V8 engine and range of performance enhancements, this car is sure to impress fans and drivers alike.

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