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ROUSH Performance is always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to OEM grade aftermarket parts. Our friend Liam from LEP Automotive visited ROUSH a couple weeks ago to record ROUSH’s P51 doing a burnout for his 25 Days of Burnouts video series on his Youtube Channel. While visiting, Marcus invited him inside to take a sneak peek of what they have been working on for the redesigned ’18 Mustang!

Let us show you what they have to offer you for your ’18+ S550.
Vehicle shown is a R&D vehicle with prototype parts installed*

Images by: LEP Automotive

The biggest improvement ROUSH changed on the redesigned Mustang is the front fascia! When the ’15 S550 first came out, we weren’t a huge fan of the stock front fascia. We feel the same about the ’18 models as well. With a few modifications installed from ROUSH, the front fascia is insanely aggressive!

Unlike the previous ’15-’17 model, ROUSH didn’t design all new bumpers for the ’18 since it is a refresh. What they did for ’18 was create unique, yet aggressive, modifications that can be added to your existing front fascia. The grille is similar to the ’15-’17 design which was tweaked to fit the new front bumper.The ROUSH design / engineer team created an all new front splitter, heat extractors, lower grille and aero pockets made specifically for the redesigned front fascia.

The first the we noticed about the ROUSH Stage 2 was the insanely aggressive front splitter! The upper and lower grille allows much more air flow. The lower grille is begging for a nice shiny intercooler to be mounted up for boost applications! Speaking of boost, we have yet to hear what ROUSH is planning to do with their supercharged version. We have only seen a Stage 1 and Stage 2 version so far. Marcus mentions their Phase 1 power package has already made 700hp!

The aero pockets are another “must have” modification for your ’18 Mustang. The factory front bumper design needed something more aggressive to be placed in that aero slot. ROUSH’s aero pockets are a matte black plastic. While we were checking it out, we think some paint matched aero pockets would look awesome! The factory heat extractors look great but aren’t really aggressive. ROUSH couldn’t leave those untouched as everything else on their package has that “in your face” look. The extractors add that extra touch of aggressiveness but also help extract horsepower robbing heat from under the hood. Marcus said it best, “Lower intake temps equal better boost.”

We have heard that the ROUSH Performance products will be available within the upcoming months! We can’t wait to how everyone modifies the new Mustang.

Check out LEP Automotive’s Youtube video down below for more information and a closer look at the ’18 ROUSH Stage 2!

LEP Automotive Video for more information!

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