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Recently, Ford announced two new colors that will be available for 2019. One being Need for Green (prior to official release, we believed this color to be called Spinel Green) and Velocity Blue. They also mentioned Dark Highland Green would be available but we already knew that from the release of the Bullitt. With them mentioning that it will be available makes us wonder if Dark Highland Green will be available on other Mustangs aside from just the Bullitt.

Below is a full list of color options available on 2019 Mustang models.

2019 spinel green mustang

New for 2019, we will have a color called Spinel Green! This is probably one of the boldest colors we have seen in a few years. The most recent green we have had available on the Mustang was Guard Green. Prior to that we had a somewhat bright color called Gotta Have It Green on the ’13-’14 S197. This color reminds us of the Signal Green color available from Porsche. Orange Fury and Spinel Green side by side would be an awesome sight to see! We wonder if anymore new colors are coming out in 2019 – 2020 especially since the announcement of the GT500 and Mach 1 have been released.

2019 spinel green mustang

As you can see in the image above, this photo was taken on January 8th, 2018 and it appears this color will be an available option for 2019. We have heard that the ’19 order banks should open around mid-March this year and job one will start 3 months after the order banks have opened. These images have been scattered around social media and it’s a 50/50 when it comes to people loving it or hating it. We think it’s a nice refresher to have some bold color options from the factory. Several aftermarket wraps have been applied to Mustangs across social media and they tend to gain a lot of attention. You may not like the color and you’re entitled to your opinion but the beautiful thing about the Mustang is, it is HIGHLY customizable!

2019 spinel green mustang

“AJ” is highly visible. We did a simple Google search for “Spinel Green Mustang” and found a site that mentions “AJ” as the paint color code for Spinel Green. Link: Spinel Green Color Code

The site mentions that this color was formulated specifically for the Mustang in 2019. Although all this information has yet to be confirmed we can almost bet that we will be seeing this color in 2019! What are your thoughts on this color?

2019 spinel green mustang
2019 spinel green mustang

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