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Tindol ROUSH Performance is changing how you purchase a Mustang with 360 virtual test drive

If you aren’t familiar with TRP (Tindol ROUSH Performance), let me fill you in. TRP has been the #1 ROUSH Performance dealer in the world for three, that’s right, THREE consecutive years. They are located in Gastonia, NC. They ship cars to customers all over the world. Technology like the 360 virtual test drive is one of many reasons why TRP stays one step ahead of their competition.

They recently sold the serial number #1 ROUSH JackHammer. You can stop by their lot on any given day and see several ROUSH Mustangs ready to take home!

Get to know the Crazy Mustang Man, Lyle Sturgis

Lyle Sturgis is TRP’s ROUSH Performance Manager. You may know him as the Crazy Mustang Man who loves the ROUSH brand. Lyle is a die hard Mustang owner and enthusiast. I believe his passion for Mustangs and the ROUSH brand is why Tindol ROUSH Performance is so successful. He has created a team around him who are also passionate about the Mustang lifestyle. When you purchase a vehicle from TRP you don’t buy a new car. You purchase yourself a invitation into the Tindol ROUSH and Mustang family.

The Mustang Owner’s Museum in Concord, NC. recently sat down with Lyle to get his Mustang story. Check out the video below to learn more about Lyle’s Mustang story.

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Traditionally, you would need to scour through pages of car listings to find the vehicle (I hope it is a new Mustang) that you’re looking to purchase. That may be easy with all of the features and filters most car buying sites have these days. The difficult part is knowing if the vehicle your after is exactly what is listed on the sites. Does it have dings, dents, scratches, holes in the carpet, rips in the seats, the list goes on… but not all things could be negative. Maybe you see that it has tinted windows which you were going to do once you purchased the car or maybe it already has the exhaust system you wanted to add for a more aggressive sound.

360 Virtual Test Drive with Tindol ROUSH

Tindol ROUSH Performance is utilizing a new 360 virtual test drive technology that basically puts you right in front of your dream car without you having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

The Crazy Mustang Man, Lyle Sturgis invites you to hop in the passenger seat and take a virtual test drive with him in a 2017 ROUSH Stage 3.

This technology puts you in the passenger seat allowing you to get a first person perspective of the potential car you are interested in purchasing. Not only do you see what you’re purchasing, they educate you on the different technologies and features inside the vehicle. Watch the video below to take a look at the future of car buying!

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