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Bobby a.k.a. InkedGing’s Grabber Green Cobra

Most of you may know him as @inkedging on Instagram, MGK’s twin or that dude with the tats that fully sent it at the Mustang Fan Club Meet & Greet during Mustang Week. Bobby used to have a Grabber Green 2004 Mach 1 that was all over the gram a couple years back. He sold it to fund his new business, INK’D PAINT WORKZ. One day the Mustang bug bit him and he couldn’t resist the itch anymore.

He worked day in and day out for a month. With many sleepless nights spent inside the shop disassembling and reassembling the Cobra. Mamba 2.0 made her debut at Mustang Week just as planned. Let us share Bobby’s story with you all.

The 2003-2004 Cobra is one of the most well known Mustangs to date in my opinion. For its time, it was ahead of the competition as far as styling and performance goes. Even to this day, Cobras can fetch upwards of 20k – 25k for a low mileage, well kept car. Bobby saw this as the perfect platform to carry out his next build.

A new beginning, Mamba2.0

Bobby set out to find a Cobra with a solid motor and transmission to build upon but needed some help cosmetically. On July 5th, 2018, Bobby traveled to Chicago to purchase an Oxford White ’03 Cobra. He drove it straight to his shop back in Wallingford, CT. The Cobra already had a built engine, transmission and Kenne Bell Mammoth Supercharger.

As you can see in the image below, the Mustang world was hyped to see what he would do with this blank canvas of a Cobra. Many commenters mentioned Grabber Green so I wasn’t surprised when I started to see Bobby tear down the Cobra. I knew Grabber Green was coming!

He immediately began the tear down process to make his Grabber Green dream a reality. Bobby put his new Cobra up on jack stands and started to disassemble it piece by piece.

First he started by taking off the wheels and replacing some of the suspension parts. He purchased a tubular k member and a arms from UPR Products. To achieve the perfect ride height, QA1 front coil overs and rear Viking double adjustable coil overs were used.

Bobby wants to add some power later on down the road so he went ahead and upgraded the rear differential with a Detroit Tru Trac diff and DSS Pro Level Half Shafts.

Now for the fun part! Bobby started to remove all of the smaller exterior components and trim to get ready for body work and primer. Once all the body panels were perfected the Cobra is getting ready to shed its Oxford White skin and transform into a mean, Grabber Green, machine!

While the primer was curing, the motor was removed so the engine bay could be painted along with the smaller exterior pieces such as the mirrors, side skirts, etc…

After several sessions in the paint booth, the Cobra was set out for a few days to allow the paint to breath and cure. All the freshly painted pieces were meticulously re-assembled. Mamba 2.0 is looking good in her fresh new skin!

The Mamba slithered her way out of INK’D PAINT WORKZ on to the dyno for a new tune and alignment to get the suspension all dialed in.

air filters

The vibrant Grabber Green paint is accented by several carbon fiber exterior pieces from Carbon Driven. It always seems you can’t have just a couple carbon fiber pieces. Once you get that first carbon fiber product, many more come after! #carbonfiberallthethings

It’s easy to get out of control with modifications because of how many aftermarket products are available on the market today. I always enjoy seeing simple yet tastefully modded Mustangs like Bobby’s Cobra.

The “Grabber” paint colors first graced a Mustang back in 1969 on the GT350 and GT500 models. Grabber Blue was one of the most popular colors as it has been produced on the most recent S550 models. Grabber Green has always been one of my favorite colors. It’s a very bright color but if you add black accents just like Bobby has done with his Cobra it helps break up the color nicely.

On the interior, the first thing I noticed was the new TMI Products Pro-Viper Jr. seats. I had to try them out for myself and I have to say I am a fan of them! They have a little more wiggle room for those heftier fellows and add some unique styling options which aren’t offered from the dealer.

There is just as much carbon fiber on the interior as there is on the exterior. Everywhere I looked I saw beautiful carbon fiber!


Under the hood, sat a 2.8L Liquid Cooled Kenne Bell Supercharger that makes all the right noises. Utilizing the built motor that was in the car when he purchased it, he wants to take the supercharger off and add another power adder. I’m not sure if he wants to mention it publicly just yet but you can be assured it will make some wonderful noises and lay down a hefty horsepower number on the dyno.

Bobby wanted to shake down the Cobra with a burnout. We had plenty of open road to SEND IT! Of course I snapped a few images of the smoke show and I added the video also for your viewing pleasure.

Modification List


  • 4.6L V8 “Terminator” Motor
  • Kenne Bell 2.8 “Mammoth” Liquid Cooled Supercharger
  • Bored .20 over
  • JE Pistons 9.2.1 compression
  • JE Pro Seal Rings
  • Manley Rods
  • Ford GT Cams
  • ARP Hardware and Head Studs


  • Kooks 1″ 7/8 Long Tube Headers
  • Kooks O/R X Pipe
  • Magnaflow Catback with Dynamax Race Bullett Mufflers


  • ESR SR01 Wheels 18×9.5 (Front) 18×10.5 (Rear)
  • Federal 595 255/40/18 (Front) Toyo Proxes TQ 315/35/18 (Rear)


  • Grabber Green Paint
  • LFP Hood Vents
  • LMR Headlights
  • LED Headlights, Fog Lights and Reverse Lights
  • Carbon Driven carbon fiber fog light bezels, side skirt splitters, side scoop inserts, wiper cowl, license plater frame, chin spoiler, grille, antenna, mirrors and rear bumper inserts #carbonfiberallthethings


  • UPR Tubular K Member
  • UPR A Arms
  • QA1 Front Coil Overs and Viking Double Adjustable Rear Coil Overs
  • ARP 1/2″ Wheel Studs on all four corners


  • TMI Products Pro-Viper Jr. seats with stainless grommets and white stitching / inserts
  • Rear Seat Delete
  • Carbon Fiber door inserts, center console, radio bezel, shifter bezel, A-pillar with triple gauge pods
  • Lunar Boost Gauge, AFR Gauge, Water Temp Gauge and Fuel Pressure Gauge

Special Thanks:

  • TMI Products
  • Carbon Driven
  • Pro Edge Tuning
  • LMR (Latemodel Restoration)
  • MMS (Modify My Stang)

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