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What is Cerbinator Auto Designs?

Cerbinator Auto Designs was started up by Matthew Cerbin. Matt is currently a Mechanical Engineering Technology student at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. Matt grew up with his father owning a Mustang and has been surrounded by them ever since. Originally from Joliet, Illinois, Matt moved to Charlotte, NC. after high school to pursue a career in racing. In the process of it all, he ended up finding his way into the classic car restoration industry, where he is currently working at Our Dream Auto Restorations in Mooresville, NC. 

The whole idea for designing and creating new parts for the cars he grew up around originated from the first time Matt met Harris Lue at a local fox body meet. The original fox body convertible concept was drawn that same day on a napkin at a nearby Carolina Ale House. Since then, countless hours have gone into building Cerbinator Auto Designs into what it is today.

The Process…

Not long after that napkin sketch, Matt teamed up with Joe Baker, a fabricator in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series, for the assembly of the new Foxbody spoiler design. The original design was created using photogrammetry, which is a process that requires measuring an object with pictures to generate a 3D model. This process was used to create a surface model of a factory decklid and the spoiler was then designed around it.

Through the use of CAD modeling, he was able to produce a part that would be an exact fit for these cars without any concerns of fitment or body gaps. Since then, his custom fox body coupe and convertible spoilers have started making their way all over the United States and a new product line has just been developed for the 2005-2009 S197 Mustangs.

Harris Lue‘s Foxbody rockin’ the Cerbinator Foxbody rear spoiler

This time around, the entire design process was updated as Matt teamed up with Derek Fricke of FrickenFast to assist in designing a new spoiler. With the use of a Creaform 3D scanner and DesignX software, Derek was able to create a surface model of Danny Hanlon’s 2005 Mustang GT that was accurate to 0.0015 of an inch.

As always, the parts were designed around the surface model and then the CAD files were sent off for plasma cutting. A critical measure is taken to ensure that every part is cut identical and to the exact specifications of the design. These parts were then assembled to create multiple prototype versions to mock up on a car and decide what further changes needed to be made before it became a final product.

air filters

Teaming up with Derek for the entire design process of the S197 spoiler from the initial 3D scan through its final production stage is the key component to what sets the quality and fitment apart from anything else on the market for these cars.

The Final Product!

Matt’s newest rear ducktail spoiler fits any 2005-2009 Mustang. There are two different style spoilers with two different seam options.

  1. ) Tall blade spoiler with stitch welded seam
  2. ) Tall blade spoiler with beadless epoxy seam
  3. ) Short blade spoiler with stitch welded seam
  4. ) Short blade spoiler with beadless epoxy seam

Beadless epoxy seam

Stitch welded seam

Tall blade vs. short blade spoiler comparison

First customer order fulfilled!

The very first customer order went to Aaron (@4pt_sik) in Hawaii. Aaron ordered the tall blade spoiler with the stitch welded seam.

If you are interested in ordering a spoiler for your Foxbody or 2005 – 2009 Mustang from Cerbinator Auto Designs, please follow the LINK.

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