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UPR Products Shelby GT350 Oil Catch Can

The Shelby GT350 has the highest revving motor that has ever been put into a production Mustang. With a rev limiter of 8,250 RPM, it’s hard to keep your foot out of the gas because hearing that Voodoo engine scream is addicting. Adding a Shelby GT350 oil catch can from UPR Products will significantly reduce the chances of horsepower robbing oil blow-by from entering your intake manifold.

For a full breakdown of how an oil catch can works, please click the LINK.

The Shelby GT350 oil catch can is built from quality components such as Continental braided hoses, billet hose ends and Plug N Play push-button fittings. The catch can itself is made from T-6 6061 aluminum bar stock and finished off using diamond cutters for a show quality finish.

UPR has spent countless hours perfecting their catch can Multi-Stage Filtration design to make sure no oil or oil vapors pass through the oil catch can into your engines intake manifold. The design includes internal diffusers, screens and baffles

This catch can holds up to 8oz of oil, has a billet check valve and installs in less than 30 minutes!

Shelby GT350 Oil Catch Can Installation

The owner of Adam’s Underground purchased a Shelby GT350R and we installed an oil catch can on his new Shelby. The installation was very simple and straight forward. First, you want to locate where the mounting bracket for the catch can will go. There is a nut and bolt that is on the passenger side right underneath the carbon fiber composite radiator support.

Remove the nut and bolt so you can install the mounting bracket in that location.

Once the nut and bolt has been removed, install the mounting bracket there. Place your catch can on the mounting bracket and then run your hoses. Remove the factory hose that runs from your crankcase to your engine.

The hose with the billet check valve is your “clean” hose which goes from your catch can to your engine. Make sure the arrow is pointing towards the engine.

The “dirty” hose goes from your crankcase to the top of your oil catch can.

You’re all set! If you would like to purchase one of these catch cans for your Shelby GT350 or GT350R please visit this LINK.

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