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2020 ROUSH Stage 3 | Everything you need to know

The 2020 ROUSH Stage 3 is the most powerful ROUSH Mustang to date! As most of you know, all ROUSH Mustangs start life as a Mustang born at Flat Rock Assembly plant. ROUSH purchases the vehicles to convert them into ROUSH Mustangs. The starting price for a ROUSH Stage 3 is $24,995 on top of the cost of the Mustang. There are 11 exterior color options to choose from and 4 options to choose from for the racing slash graphic (Matte Black, Silver, Red or no graphic.) View all the 2020 Mustang exterior color options HERE.

Each Stage 3 is based on a Mustang GT which is powered by the 3rd generation, 5.0L engine. The ROUSH TVS2650 Phase 2 Supercharger boosts the factory 460HP to a ground pounding 750HP! ’20 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustangs can be equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission for those who love throwing gears or a 10-speed automatic transmission.

All of this power is still backed by a chassis 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty and a powertrain 5 year / 60,000 mile warranty!

Velocity Blue ROUSH Stage 3 provided by: Tindol Roush Performance

What’s new on the 2020 ROUSH Stage 3?

Let’s start out with the standard components first. There are 3 exterior package options and 3 interior package options. Every ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang will come equipped with the Signature Package and Sport Interior Package. The Signature Package includes:

  • 750 Horsepower / 670 Torque
  • 5.0L Coyote V8 w/ Phase 2 Supercharger
  • Stage 3 Graphics Package and ROUSH Badging
  • R9 Aero Body Kit
  • ROUSH-Calibrated MagneRide® Suspension
  • Powertrain Cooling Package
  • Quad Black-Tip Performance Exhaust
  • Sport Interior Package
  • Jet Black 20-inch Flowform Wheels and Ultra High-Performance Continental ExtremeContact™ Sport Tires
  • ROUSH Key Fobs
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Street Presence Exterior Lighting Enhancements
  • Trunk-Mounted Toolkit

Competition Package includes:

  • Signature Package
  • ROUSH Active Exhaust System
  • Engine Bay Styling Package
  • Premium Car Cover
  • Locking Lug Nuts

Podium Package includes:

  • Signature Package
  • Competition Package
  • Active Aerodynamic Carbon Fiber Wing
  • Front GT Brembo Brake Upgrades (Pads and Rotors)
    *Late Availability – early Spring

Active Carbon Spoiler shown on the Jack Roush Edition Mustang

ROUSH Performance put a lot of time and effort into cooling this year. Heatsoaked powertrain components can rob performance and horsepower. The Powertrain Cooling Package is standard for all ROUSH Stage 3 Mustangs. This cooling package helps keep powertrain components running cool for maximum performance. The Powertrain Cooling Package includes:

  • Larger Lower Temp. Radiator
  • Auxillary Engine Cooler
  • Additional Supercharger Cooler
  • Transmission Cooler or Duct
  • Differential Cooler

Behind each of the front high flow corner pockets sits a cooler. The passenger side cooler is an additional cooler for the supercharger and the driver side is an additional engine cooler. On RS3’s equipped with the 10-speed automatic they will come equipped with a transmission cooler and 6-speed manual transmission equipped RS3’s receive a transmission cooling duct. The final piece to the cooling package is the differential cooler.

Differential cooler

Auxillary supercharger cooler (Behind passenger side high-flow corner pocket)

2020 ROUSH Stage 3 exterior body components include:

  • ROUSH Grille w/ Stage 3 Badge
  • Lower Grille w/ Illuminated “ROUSH” logo
  • Front Chin Spoiler w/ Wheel Shrouds
  • High-Flow Corner Pockets
  • Hood Heat Extractors
  • “ROUSH” Front Windshield Banner
  • Fender Heat Extractors
  • ROUSH Fender Badges
  • Stage 3 Racing Slash Side Graphic: Matte Black or NO graphic
  • Accent Side graphic color: Matte Black, Red or Silver
  • ROUSH Puddle Lamps
  • Rear Fender Lights (Upgraded LED lights)
  • USA Flag Graphic
  • Rear Valance Aero Foils
  • Rear Decklid Spoiler – Gloss Black
  • Rear “ROUSH” Blackout Panel
  • Hood Strut Lift Assist
  • Stage 3 Serialized Engine Bay Plaque
  • ROUSH License Plate and Frame

For suspension, all ’20 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustangs are equipped with MagneRide suspension. No more coilovers. The MagneRide Suspension is calibrated to enhance handling capability to give the driver confidence in all situations and conditions. 

There are 2 wheel options available. The standard wheel is the 20-inch Jet Black Flowform wheels. Currently we do not have a photo to show you those wheels. The other option is the Agate Grey Lightweight Forged Wheels that cost an additional $1,595. Each wheel options comes equipped with Ultra High-Performance Continental ExtremeContact™ Sport Tires. **The ’20 ROUSH Stage 3 that I photographed for this article has the Agate Grey Forged Wheels equipped.

ROUSH interior is designed for race day or every day…

As Mustang owner’s we spend most of our time in the driver’s seat. ROUSH has made the driving experience even more unique by upgrading the interior. The first thing I noticed when I opened the door to ’20 RS3 were the new leather seats. In the past, I’ve felt that the interior has lacked on the ROUSH vehicles. These new seats are refreshing to see and add a touch of luxury to the Mustang.

Diamond Stitched Premium Amaretto Leather

There are 3 interior options to choose from:

  • Sport Interior Package (Standard)
    – Sport Black Leather Seating
    – Stage 3 Serialized Dash Badge
    – ROUSH Boost Gauge
    – Trunk Mounted Toolkit
    – ROUSH Key Fob
    – ROUSH Floor Mats
    – ROUSH Illuminated Door Sill Plates
    – ROUSH Certificate of Authenticity
    – Paddle Shifters (Automatic transmission only)
    – ROUSH Supplement Owner’s Guide
    – ROUSH Gauge Overlay
  • Premium Interior Package ($1,395)
    – Diamond Stitched Preium Leather Seating (Black or Amaretto)
    – Billet Pedals
  • Track Interior Package ($1,990)
    – Diamond Stitched Premium Leather Seating (Black or Amaretto)
    – Billet Pedals
    – Racing Steering Wheel (GT350 Steering Wheel from Ford Performance)

Each ROUSH Stage 3 comes equipped with the Sport Interior Package which includes standard leather / alcantara seating w/ ROUSH embroidery. Here is where it gets fancy! The Premium Interior Package costs $1,395 and includes the diamond stitched premium leather seating w/ ROUSH embroidery along with Billet Pedals. The most expensive interior package is the Track Interior Package which includes everything the Premium Interior Package has plus a Racing Steering wheel which is the Shelby GT350 Steering Wheel from Ford Performance.

Sport Interior Package

Premium Interior Package

Premium Interior Package w/ RECARO Seats

Racing Steering Wheel (Included w/ Track Interior Package or optional upgrade)

What’s under the hood?

Under the hood, you’ll find the ROUSH 2.65L supercharger that’s responsible for adding over 290 more ponies over a stock Mustang. The 2020 RS3 produces slightly more horsepower over the previous 2019 model thanks to the cooling upgrades that come standard on all RS3 Mustangs.

A unique touch for this year is an Engine Bay Styling Upgrade which consits of billet pieces engraved with the “ROUSH” logo. The billet caps go on the strut towers, suspension strut bolts, engine coolant tank and supercharger overflow coolant tank.

The hood struts are still standard. There are still 2 plaques under the hood also. One plaque that has been signed by the ROUSH technician that installed the supercharger and a plaque that signifies the ROUSH build number. Both are located on the drivers side engine compartment.

There are 2 exhaust options on Stage 3, ROUSH Quad Tip Exhaust or the ROUSH Active Exhaust System. The Quad Tip exhaust system is your traditional exhaust system while the Active Exhaust gives you control of how your exhaust sounds at the turn of a dial. Each muffler has a valve built into them to give you complete control over your exhaust. The dial is mounted to the right of your console if you’re sitting in the drivers seat. There are 4 exhaust modes to choose from: TOURING (Valves closed), SPORT (Valves open at lower RPM and close at moderate RPM), TRACK (Valves open at lower RPM and close at higher RPM) and CUSTOM. Custom exhaust setting gives you total control of your exhaust. You can download an app and plug in a device to your OBDII sensor to allow you to change how your exhaust sounds at different RPM’s. My Active Exhaust System CUSTOM setting is set to all the way open, all the time :).

To give your exhaust a little more rumble, ROUSH is offering an additional upgrade to the RS3’s exhaust system. A resonator delete X-Pipe or H-Pipe can be added for an additional $255. The X-Pipe is slightly more raspy and pops more than the H-Pipe. The H is for those who want that deep american muscle tone without the crackles and pops.

If you’re interested in building out your own ’20 ROUSH Stage 3, please visit the ROUSH Customizer by clicking or tapping this LINK. Please leave us a comment with any information we may have missed out on that you’re interested in. It’s not just a car, it’s a lifestyle!

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