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Jaron Cole

2018 18' 18 Mustang S550 mustangfanclub fan club atlanta international auto show 17 2017 AIAS17 AIAS2017 new race red gt500 mach 1 bullit gt performance packageMustang News

A closer look at the ’18 Mustang!

2018 Mustang visits the Atlanta International Auto Show! Over the weekend, we had a chance to stop by the Atlanta International Auto Show #AIAS17 to lay our eyes on the 2018 Mustang! When images/video first surfaced of the new facelift we weren't too sure how we felt about it. We didn't exactly love it or hate it, we were just…
Jaron Cole
March 29, 2017
2018 18 mustang bullitt bullit 10th anniversary anny mustangfanclub release gt500 mach 1 svo new2015+ S550 MustangMustang News

2018 Bullitt Mustang?

The next few months are very exciting for the Mustang community! The 18' refresh gets some technological updates, new colors, a facelift and a horsepower increase which hasn't been disclosed yet. When we first saw the car we were on the fence about the looks. Just like the 13'/14' S197's we were very excited for the updated headlights and taillights.…
Jaron Cole
March 13, 2017
avalanche gray grey shelby gt350r mustang mustangfanclub fan clubMustang News

#TaillightTuesday | #TLT

For Taillight Tuesday, we decided to go a different direction this week. We wanted to share some funny, witty and clever license plates with you all. Last night we decided to reach out to some fellow Mustang owners in the Facebook group "Anything Coyote Mustang Related" to get some content flowing. Several users shared their vanity license plates with us.…
Jaron Cole
March 1, 2017
FeaturesMustang News

#FeatureCar: CLA66IC!

One thing we have noticed while being in the Mustang community is that everyone seems to have a "Mustang story". You can talk to pretty much anyone and I guarantee you they can relate to the Mustang in some way. Zach's obsession with Mustangs began at the age of thirteen. He told us about a very specific moment in time that…
Jaron Cole
February 21, 2017
mustang fan club mustangfanclub @mustangfanclub 2011 11 mustang coyote 5.0L 5.0 wrapped bagged air suspension air lift performance rotiform wheels dillon shand RSE cervini boss 302 saleen grille grill front valence splitter light bar S197 3m 1080 fiery orange2005-2014 S197 MustangFeaturesMustang News

#FeatureCar: Fiery Orange S197!

I ask Dillon about his 3M Fiery Orange S197 Mustang Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself. A. I'm 23 years old. I got into cars when I purchased my first Mustang which was a 11' 3.7L V6 Mustang. I didn't really know much about cars until I joined a few Mustang forums. On the forums, I started seeing how easily…
Jaron Cole
February 15, 2017
mustang 50th anniversary birthday celebration mustangfanclub mustang fan club april 2014 2015 15 event coverage images car show charlotte north carolina ncEvent CoverageMustang News

#TBT: 50th Anniversary Mustang Celebration

The Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebration was held at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway simultaneously on April 16th-20th, 2014. Events were planned each day for Mustang enthusiasts and owners to enjoy. Some notable events included the unveiling of the first production 2015 Mustang, an open road course, parade laps around the speedway, drag racing, Mustang Midway and a…
Jaron Cole
February 9, 2017
barrett jackson mustangMustang News

Mustangs break six records at Barrett-Jackson Auction

Two weeks ago, Dennis Collins from Fast N' Loud, released a video showing off his stable of Mustangs he was going to auction off at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale this week. Six of the eight Mustangs he put up for auction broke records for each year and model Mustang respectively. People were uncertain about how well this lot of Foxbody and SN95…
Jaron Cole
January 20, 2017
Mustang News

2018 Mustang Officially Released!

We found some images of the refreshed S550 Mustang sporting a new color, Royal Crimson, on a post in Mustang6G. Along with the new color, this particular Ecoboost was rockin' the new, 19" Ebony Black painted aluminum wheels.Another Ecoboost was spotted! This specific one is Shadow Black with a new accent stripe we haven't seen yet. Although we aren't the…
Jaron Cole
January 17, 2017